Theory and Design of Adaptive Filters (Hardcover)

Michael G. Larimore, C. Richard Johnson, John R. Treichler



Designed for graduate level courses in adaptive filtering and to serve as a valuable reference for practicing engineers.

The authors develop the basic rules and algorithms for filter performance and provide tools for design, along with an appreciation of the complexity of behavioral analysis. Derivations and convergence discussions are kept to a basic level. The presentation focuses on a few principles and applies them to a series of motivating examples, that include in-depth discussion of implementation aspects for filter design not found in other texts. Rather than superficially examining an extensive list of possible applications benefiting from adaptive filter use, the authors examine four such problems in detail and review the common attributes that are shared with many other applications of adaptive filtering

Table of Contents

1. The Need for Adaptive Filtering.
2. Basic Principles.
3. Framework for Algorithm Development.
4. Adaptive FIR Filters.
5. Adaptive IIR Filters.
6. Adaptive Algorithms for Restoring Signal Properties.
7. Implementational Issues.
8. Design Example: Hum Removal.
9. Design Example: Multipath Corrections.
10. Design Example: Channel Modeling.
11. Design Example: Antenna Array.
12. Epilogue.



1. 自適應濾波的需求。
2. 基本原則。
3. 算法開發框架。
4. 自適應FIR濾波器。
5. 自適應IIR濾波器。
6. 恢復信號特性的自適應算法。
7. 實施問題。
8. 設計示例:去除嗡嗡聲。
9. 設計示例:多路徑校正。
10. 設計示例:通道建模。
11. 設計示例:天線陣列。
12. 結語。