Service Provider Strategy: Proven Secrets for xSPs (Paperback)

Anne M. Burris



Your complete framework for success in the xSP marketplace.

For ASPs, ISPs, WASPs, and other service providers, the business challenges have never been greater—and neither have the opportunities. In Service Provider Strategy, one of the world's leading xSP consultants offers specific guidance on every key element of success: protecting your current customer base, increasing market share, assuring ongoing high-margin revenue streams, and maximizing operational efficiency. Drawing upon experience with 15 of the world's leading xSPs, Anne Burris offers a complete framework for success that reflects a profound understanding of both xSP operations and marketplaces.

  • The xSP marketplace: its promise, its best opportunities, and its current realities
  • What customers are looking for, and why many xSPs are falling short
  • Best-practice solutions for key operational challenges facing xSPs: marketing, sales, provisioning, support, and billing
  • How to bring value-added services to market more quickly, without compromising performance and service levels
  • New revenue models for next-generation xSPs
  • How the service provider marketplace is evolving towards sophisticated web services

Service Provider Strategy contains four xSP case studies, covering North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. It also provides detailed checklists for xSPs, as well as a complete sample business plan. If you want to survive the xSP shakeout-and position yourself for the massive growth that will follow-you won't find a more valuable resource.

Table of Contents



1. Level Setting.

History. Why Work with a Service Provider? Why Use the Internet in Business? Trends. New Services. Challenges. Endnote.

2. Basic Operational Challenges.

Partnering and Alliances. Organization. Entering the Market. Service Delivery and Provisioning. Customer Care. Billing. Infrastructure and Availability. Summary.


3. Case Studies: An Introduction.
4. North America—PartnerCommunity, Inc.

The North American Market. Case Study—PartnerCommunity, Inc. Endnote.

5. Asia Pacific—Acer CyberCenter Services, Inc.

The Asia Pacific Market. Case Study—Acer CyberCenter Services, Inc. Endnote.

6. Europe—KPNQwest.

The European Market. Case Study—KPNQwest. Endnote.

7. Latin America—Triara.

The Latin American Market. Case Study—Triara. Endnote.


8. Introduction to the Readiness Primer.

The Seven Operational Challenges.

9. Partners and Alliances.

Partner Strategy. Identify Gaps. Investigate. Negotiate. Contract. Manage. Exit. Case Studies. Summary. Endnotes. xSP Strategy Checklist for Partners and Alliances.

10. Organization.

Services Strategy. Organizational Model. Resource Sizing. Organization and Resourcing Models. Outsourcing. xSP Strategy Checklist for Organizational Structure and Resourcing.

11. Entering the Market.

Go-to-Market Strategy. Building a Service Offering Strategy (Product). Determining Customer Needs and Market Drivers. Determining the Service Offering. Determining Focus Market Segmentation and Size. Services and Implementation Lifecycle. Services Strategy. Pricing Strategy/Methodology. Determining Cash Flow. Placement and Promotion: The Communications Mix. Value Proposition. Marketing Communications. Service Execution Components. Summary. Endnotes. xSP Strategy Checklist for Entering the Market.

12. Service Delivery and Provisioning.

State of Affairs. What is Service Delivery and Service Provisioning. The Service Delivery Interface with the Logical Organization. Generic Service Delivery. Pitfalls of Service Delivery. Examples and Case Studies. Summary. Endnote. xSP Strategy Checklist for Service Provisioning and Service Delivery.

13. Perception Is Reality.

Call Centers. Other Ways to Manage Customer Perception. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). How CRM Can Support New Services. An Example of a Phased CRM Implementation. Summary. Endnotes. xSP Strategy Checklist for Customer Care.

14. Billing.

Trends Affecting Billing. Main Billing Challenges. Basic Data Pricing. Rating. Rating System Parameters. Mediation. Invoicing. Electronic Bill Presentation—Turning Paper to Vapor. Revenue Assurance. Billing Requirements. Summary. xSP Strategy Checklist for Billing.

15. Infrastructure.

Logical Architecture. Scalability. Dependability. Supportability. Security. Manageability. Ongoing Care and Feeding. Case Study—Exodus Communications. Summary. xSP Strategy Checklist for Infrastructure.

16. Afterword.


Appendix A: Definitions.
Appendix B: Sample Business Plan.

Sample Business Plan for Best Hosting Company.

Appendix C: Sample Service Level Agreement.

Service Level Agreement. Definitions. General Terms.

Appendix D: Service Descriptions.

Collocation Services. Limitations. Service Level Agreements.

Appendix E: Pricing.

Pricing Level 1: Most Detailed. Pricing Level 2: Intermediate Level. Pricing Level 3: Suitable for Customer Collateral.

Appendix F: Sample Cash Flow.

Examples of Assumptions.

Appendix G: Sample Customer Questionnaire.

Understanding the Current Environment and Customer Requirements. Service Provider Service Feedback. Service Level Requirements. Pricing.

Appendix H: Helpful Associations, Organizations, and Publications.

Associations. Periodicals and URLs. Industry Analysts/Consultants.

Appendix I: CRM Process Inputs and Outputs.

Billing System. Order Management. Network Trouble Ticket System. Computer Technology Integration (CTI). Document Management. Geographical Information System (GIS). Data Warehouse. Credit Checking Agency. Foreign Exchange System. Example of Functional Specification with Implementation Timing.




對於ASP、ISP、WASP和其他服務提供商來說,業務挑戰從未如此巨大,機會也從未如此多。在《服務提供商策略》中,世界領先的xSP顧問之一提供了關於成功的每個關鍵要素的具體指導:保護您現有的客戶群,增加市場份額,確保持續的高利潤收入流,並最大程度地提高運營效率。安妮·伯里斯(Anne Burris)借鑒了15家世界領先的xSP的經驗,提供了一個完整的成功框架,反映了對xSP運營和市場的深刻理解。

  • xSP市場:其承諾、最佳機會和當前現實

  • 客戶的需求以及為什麼許多xSP未能滿足需求

  • xSP面臨的關鍵運營挑戰的最佳解決方案:市場營銷、銷售、供應、支持和計費

  • 如何更快地將增值服務推向市場,而不影響性能和服務水平

  • 下一代xSP的新收入模型

  • 服務提供商市場向複雜的Web服務演進的方式





1. 水平設置。


2. 基本運營挑戰。



3. 案例研究:簡介。

4. 北美洲-PartnerCommunity, Inc.。

北美市場。案例研究-PartnerCommunity, Inc.尾注。

5. 亞太地區-Acer CyberCenter Services, Inc.。

亞太市場。案例研究-Acer CyberCenter Services, Inc.尾注。

6. 歐洲-KPNQwest。


7. 拉丁美洲-Triara。



8. 入門到七個運營挑戰。

9. 合作夥伴和聯盟。


10. 組織。


11. 進入市場。