Just XSL

John E. Simpson

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2001-09-23
  • 售價: $299
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 624
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0130603112
  • ISBN-13: 9780130603111

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Just XSL is an easy, hands-on tutorial on three related XSL technologies: XPath, XSLT, and XSL-FO. Best-selling Just XML author John E. Simpson introduces all three through a single, easy-to-follow sample application that demonstrates exactly how they work together in the real world. Breezy and informal, Just XSL is perfect for both developers and content specialists.

Table of Contents



1. Why XSL?

Enter XSL. Transforming XML. Formatting XML. XML. B Movies. Together at Last.


2. The “What” of XSLT.

What XSLT Is Not. What XSLT Is. Basic XSLT Terminology. XSLT and Namespaces. Xpath. How Do I…Find anything in an XML document, anywhere, using XPath?

3. XSLT Stylesheet Basics.

Laying the Foundation. XSLT Stylesheet Structure. Instantiating Result-Tree Content: Templates 101. How Do I…Generate entity references and other markup in the result tree? “Looping” .

4. Journeyman XSLT.

Conditional Processing. Instantiating Explicit Node Types. Reusing Stylesheet Content. Sorting Content. Controlling the Result Tree's Form/Type. Controlling Whitespace in the Source Tree. How Do I…Link to more than one stylesheet for multiple output devices?.

5. XSLT Functions.

Processing Multiple Source Documents. Using Keys. Numbering. Miscellaneous Built-In Functions. Extension Functions. How Do I…Drive an XSLT transformation from an XML-based configuration file?.

6. Beyond the Pale: Advanced XSLT.

Including and Importing Other Stylesheets. Copying. How Do I…“Re-version” a document to a newer structure/DTD? Messaging. Fallback Processing. “Advanced XSLT” #1: Table Structures. “Advanced XSLT” #2: Grouping. “Advanced XSLT” #3: Validating. How Do I…Transform a document for use with the Open eBook standard? The package file. “Publishing” an OEB publication.

7. Getting There: XSLT Software.

Client-Side XSLT. Server-Side XSLT. How Do I...Use XSLT with a database?

8. Just Around the Corner: Future XSLT.

XSLT 1.1: Taking in the Seams. XSLT 2.0: The Broader Future.


9. The “What” of XSL-FO.

First, The “Why” . Key XSL-FO Concepts. The XSL-FO Formatting Model. Transforming to an XSL-FO Document. Viewing an XSL-FO Document. Other Regions.

10. Getting the Word Out: XSL-FO Basics.

Area Trees, Area Models. Introduction to Formatting Objects. Inline-Type FOs Revisited. How Do I…Create a basic table of contents using XSL-FO? Check Your Results. Table-Type FOs Revisited.

11. Advanced XSL-FO.

XSL-FO Functions. Aural Stylesheets. Writing Modes and Internationalization. How Do I...Create a B-movie festival “playbill” from a FlixML review?

12. XSL-FO Software.

Converting XSL-FO to PDF. Native XSL-FO “Viewers” .



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