IT Production Services

Harris Kern, Rich Schiesser, Mayra Muniz

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  • 出版日期: 2004-05-20
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  • ISBN-13: 9780130659002
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"...describes in practical terms one of the most important functions of an IT infrastructure: that of deploying a well-designed development system into a well-running production system."
--Kenneth Moskowitz, CIO, Thomson Financial

"The Production Acceptance assessment worksheets are extremely valuable in evaluating the quality of an IT infrastructure..."
--Brian Shield, EVP, CIO, The Weather Channel

"The Ten Commandments for establishing an ideal IT environment. Should be followed religiously."
-- Joe Feiu, VP, NeoDimensions

"...presents the critical technical aspects of world-class infrastructure in a very business-like manner."
-- Mark Egan, CIO, Symantec Corporation

"Hundreds of books describe how to design and develop world-class applications, but few ever describe how to successfully deploy these systems. Until now."
-- Rachel Pong, COO, Exonomy Limited, A subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank

"...clearly addresses how to effectively deploy and support world-class applications."
--Bill Parker, CIO, Agway

The best enterprise IT organizations have discovered the secret to high-performance infrastructure management: build a true Production Services function and realistic Production Acceptance processes. By doing so, they've achieved outstanding reliability, availability, and serviceability... transforming themselves from overpriced support centers into world-class service providers.

IT Production Services shows you how to do it, too. Drawing on data compiled from 200+ enterprise IT assessments, it's your start-to-finish guide for effective IT infrastructure management in business-critical environments.

  • Presents "Ten Commandments" for designing cost-effective, efficient IT organizations
  • Covers all three key ingredients: people, processes, and technology
  • Shows why transitioning systems straight from development to operations is a recipe for failure
  • Includes case studies from the authors’ experience consulting with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies
  • Answers today's most frequently asked questions about managing IT infrastructure
  • Shows how to infuse accountability throughout your IT organization

Endorsed by CIOs and senior executives at Symantec, Thomson Financial, The Weather Channel, Agway, and many other leading firms

Whether you're a CxO, IT director, manager, or architect, IT Production Services will help you optimize your IT organization -- hands-on. 


"...描述了IT基礎設施中最重要的功能之一:將設計良好的開發系統部署到運行良好的生產系統中。" - Kenneth Moskowitz, Thomson Financial的CIO

"生產驗收評估工作表在評估IT基礎設施的質量方面非常有價值..." - Brian Shield, The Weather Channel的EVP、CIO

"建立理想的IT環境的十大戒律。應該要虔誠地遵守。" - Joe Feiu, NeoDimensions的副總裁

"...以非常商業化的方式呈現了世界級基礎設施的關鍵技術方面。" - Mark Egan, Symantec Corporation的CIO

"數百本書描述了如何設計和開發世界級應用程式,但很少有書描述如何成功部署這些系統。直到現在。" - Rachel Pong, Exonomy Limited的COO,Standard Chartered Bank的子公司

"...清楚地解釋了如何有效地部署和支援世界級應用程式。" - Bill Parker, Agway的CIO



- 提出了設計成本效益高、高效的IT組織的十大戒律
- 涵蓋了三個關鍵要素:人員、流程和技術
- 解釋了為什麼將系統直接從開發轉移到運營是失敗的秘訣
- 包含了作者在與財富500強和全球2000家公司的諮詢經驗中的案例研究
- 回答了當今關於管理IT基礎設施最常問的問題
- 展示了如何在整個IT組織中注入責任制

得到Symantec、Thomson Financial、The Weather Channel、Agway和許多其他領先公司的CIO和高級執行官的認可。

無論您是CxO、IT總監、經理還是架構師,《IT生產服務》都將幫助您優化您的IT組織 - 實踐操作。