Application Development Using C# and .NET (Paperback)

Michael Stiefel, Robert J. Oberg

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  • 出版日期: 2001-12-31
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 656
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 013093383X
  • ISBN-13: 9780130933836
  • 相關分類: .NETC#
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Build industrial-strength .NET applications with C#!

  • Practical, useful information on the .NET Framework, the Common Language Runtime, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services, security, interoperability, and more
  • Running case study: see how concepts work together when you build .NET applications
  • Experienced C++, Java, and Visual Basic programmers: become effective with .NET!

This book gives experienced developers all the practical insight they need to build enterprise applications for Microsoft's .NET platform using C#. Using extensive code examples and a running case study, the authors illuminate the .NET concepts and technologies that offer the greatest power and value. They cover the entire process of constructing a .NET application: creating a monolithic C# console application; enhancing it with a Windows Forms interface; isolating functionality inside components, adding database access and security; and finally, delivering functionality through ASP.NET and Web Services.

  • .NET Framework and Common Language Runtime fundamentals for experienced programmers
  • Key .NET features: interfaces, attributes, collections, threading, remoting, assemblies, and more
  • Hands-on coverage of ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services, and user interface programming
  • Component deployment and versioning
  • Ensuring interoperability with diverse and legacy systems
  • Includes a self-contained C# overview for those new to the language

Part of The Integrated .NET series from Object Innovations.

Table of Contents

Sample Programs.
Web Sites.
About this Series.
1. What is Microsoft .NET?
2. .NET Fundamentals.
3. C# Overview for Sophisticated Programmers.
4. Object-Oriented Programming in C#.
5. C# in the .NET Framework.
6. User Interface Programming.
7. Assemblies and Deployment.
8. .NET Framework Classes.
9. Programming with ADO.NET.
10. ASP.NET and Web Forms.
11. Web Services.
12. Security.
13. Tracing and Debugging in .NET.
14. Interoperability.
Appendix A Visual Studio.NET.



- 提供實用且有用的資訊,包括.NET Framework、Common Language Runtime、ADO.NET、ASP.NET、Web Services、安全性、互通性等。
- 透過案例研究,了解在建立.NET應用程式時各個概念如何相互運作。
- 經驗豐富的C++、Java和Visual Basic程式設計師可以透過本書有效地使用.NET。

本書為經驗豐富的開發人員提供了所有實用的見解,以使用C#在Microsoft的.NET平台上建立企業應用程式。作者使用大量的程式碼範例和案例研究,闡明了提供最大效能和價值的.NET概念和技術。他們涵蓋了構建.NET應用程式的整個過程:從建立單體的C#控制台應用程式,增強其功能以提供Windows Forms介面,將功能隔離在元件內,添加資料庫存取和安全性,最後通過ASP.NET和Web Services提供功能。

- 經驗豐富的程式設計師的.NET Framework和Common Language Runtime基礎知識。
- 關鍵的.NET功能:介面、屬性、集合、執行緒、遠程處理、組件等。
- 實踐ADO.NET、ASP.NET、Web Services和使用者介面程式設計。
- 元件部署和版本控制。
- 確保與不同和舊系統的互通性。
- 包含一個獨立的C#概述,適用於初次接觸這門語言的人。

本書是Object Innovations的整合.NET系列的一部分。

- 前言
- 組織
- 範例程式
- 注意事項
- 網站
- 致謝
- 關於本系列
- 1. 什麼是Microsoft .NET?
- 2. .NET基礎知識
- 3. 高級程式設計師的C#概述
- 4. C#的物件導向程式設計
- 5. C#在.NET Framework中的應用
- 6. 使用者介面程式設計
- 7. 組件和部署
- 8. .NET Framework類別
- 9. 使用ADO.NET進行程式設計
- 10. ASP.NET和Web Forms
- 11. Web Services
- 12. 安全性
- 13. 在.NET中進行追蹤和除錯
- 14. 互通性
- 附錄A Visual Studio.NET
- 索引