Smart Cards: The Developer's Toolkit (Paperback)

Timothy M. Jurgensen, Scott B. Guthery

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2002-07-09
  • 定價: $1,100
  • 售價: 9.5$1,045
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 432
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0130937304
  • ISBN-13: 9780130937308
  • 相關分類: 資訊安全
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The complete smart card guidebook for decision-makers, product managers, developers, and integrators.



  • Smart card application development from start to finish: design, development, and deployment
  • Covers every component of a complete system: cards, readers, host software, management systems, and more
  • Focuses on advanced "post issuance programmable" multi-application smart cards
  • Presents detailed case studies and product coverage
  • Offers up-to-the-minute insights into the evolving smart card marketplace and smart card technology

Smart cards represent a breakthrough solution for maximizing security in a wide range of applications. Now, two leading smart card consultants present a thorough, up-to-date, accessible introduction to smart card technology that will be invaluable to developers and decision-makers alike. Smart Cards: A Developer's Toolkit covers all you need to know to plan, design, develop, and deploy advanced multi-application smart card environments, including:

  • Smart card physical structure, construction, tamper resistance, and tamper-evident features
  • International standards, inter-industry command sets, and industry specifications
  • "Post issuance programmable" smart cards: the cutting edge of smart card deployment
  • An in-depth review of two "high-performance" smart cards, including one multi-application card
  • PC and workstation host software for supporting smart cards
  • Applications with the SIM smart cards in GSM and 3G mobile phones
  • Card management systems and readers for large-scale applications in real-world environments
  • The evolving marketplace for smart cards in the U.S. and worldwide

The authors present case studies from today's most advanced smart card deployments, covering both the logistics of initial deployment and best practices for supporting ongoing operations and card populations. Whether you're an IT manager, corporate security officer, product manager, developer, or integrator, Smart Cards: A Developer's Toolkit gives you a powerful new weapon for protecting your digital assets.

Table of Contents
1. Overview of Smart Cards and Their Programming.
2. Physical Characteristics of Smart Cards.
3. Basic Standards for Smart Cards.
4. Smart Card Applications.
5. Multiapplication Smart Cards.
6. Commercial Smart Card Commands.
7. Smart Card Infrastructure.
8. GSM and Smart Cards.
9. Authorization: Public Keys Without the Infrastructure.
10. Smart Card System Management.
11. Current Trends and Future Directions.








  • 從設計、開發到部署的智能卡應用程式開發

  • 涵蓋完整系統的每個組件:卡片、讀卡器、主機軟體、管理系統等

  • 專注於先進的「發行後可程式化」多應用智能卡

  • 提供詳細的案例研究和產品介紹

  • 提供關於不斷演進的智能卡市場和智能卡技術的最新見解


  • 智能卡的物理結構、結構、防篡改和防篡改特性

  • 國際標準、跨行業命令集和行業規範

  • 「發行後可程式化」智能卡:智能卡部署的尖端技術

  • 兩款「高性能」智能卡的詳細評估,包括一款多應用卡

  • 支援智能卡的個人電腦和工作站主機軟體

  • 在GSM和3G手機中使用SIM智能卡的應用

  • 大規模應用中的智能卡管理系統和讀卡器

  • 美國和全球智能卡市場的發展趨勢





1. 智能卡及其程式設計概述。

2. 智能卡的物理特性。

3. 智能卡的基本標準。

4. 智能卡應用程式。

5. 多應用智能卡。

6. 商業智能卡命令。

7. 智能卡基礎設施。

8. GSM和智能卡。

9. 授權:無需基礎設施的公鑰。

10. 智能卡系統管理。

11. 當前趨勢和未來發展。