Check Point Firewall-1 Administration and CCSA Study Guide (Hardcover)

Steven Dangerfield

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2001-11-05
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  • 售價: 2.4$399
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 384
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 0130938637
  • ISBN-13: 9780130938633
  • 相關分類: 資訊安全
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  • Discover the complete FireWall-1 administration manual and CCSA prep guide!
  • Explore FireWall-1 architecture, installation, and day-to-day management-in detail
  • Utilize this complete network security primer for new FireWall-1 administrators
  • Master the challenging sample exam questions and lab exercises

The first complete guide to FireWall-1 administration and Check Point's latest certification exam!

Check Point's FireWall-1 is the world's leading firewall—and these skills are in unprecedented demand! This is one of the only expert guides to FireWall-1 administration that also offers authoritative preparation for Check Point's hot new CCSA certification exam. Long-time FireWall-1 netadmin Steven Dangerfield begins with a thorough review of the challenges IT professionals face in securing their private networks and Internet presences. Dangerfield identifies today's most serious forms of attack, then systematically introduces the most effective FireWall-1 security practices and countermeasures. Coverage includes:

  • FireWall-1's Stateful Inspection Architecture: maximizing security without compromising performance or scalability
  • How and where to deploy FireWall-1 for maximum effectiveness
  • Day-to-day firewall administration, security policy generation, and management using FireWall-1's automated tools
  • Working with the Network Objects Manager, Services Manager, Resources Manager, Server Manager, Users Manager, and Time Objects Manager
  • Simple, modular techniques for building more effective rule bases
  • Practical techniques for managing authentication and Network Address Translation (NAT)

Check Point FireWall-1 Administration and CCSA Study Guide contains an extensive collection of lab and operational exercises, plus a thorough test preparation section covering every exam objective and providing realistic sample questions.

Whether you're managing FireWall-1, preparing for your CCSA certification exam, or both, this is the authoritative, comprehensive, practical resource you're searching for.

Table of Contents

1. Internetwork Security Overview.
2. Security Threats.
3. Policies and Procedures.
4. Policing the Security Domain.
5. FireWall-1 Overview.
6. Architecture.
7. Installation and Setup.
8. Graphical User Interface.
9. Object Creation and Management.
10. Policy Properties.
11. Rulebase.
12. Authentication.
13. Network Address Translation.
14. Practical Lab Exercises. LAB Network Configuration. Security Definitions. Firewall Object Definitions. Rulebase Definitions. Install the Rulebase. Test the Rulebase. Authentication. Solution. Network Address Translation. Summary.
15. Penetration Testing.
16.Exam Preparation.
17. CCSA Objective Essentials.



這是第一本完整的FireWall-1管理指南,也是Check Point最新認證考試的權威準備資料!
Check Point的FireWall-1是全球領先的防火牆,對這些技能的需求空前高漲!這是唯一一本專家指南,既提供FireWall-1管理的權威指導,又為Check Point熱門的CCSA認證考試提供準備。長期從事FireWall-1網絡管理的Steven Dangerfield從全面回顧IT專業人員在保護私有網絡和互聯網存在時面臨的挑戰開始。Dangerfield系統地介紹了當今最嚴重的攻擊形式,然後介紹了最有效的FireWall-1安全實踐和對策。內容包括:


《Check Point FireWall-1管理和CCSA學習指南》包含大量的實驗和操作練習,以及一個全面的考試準備部分,涵蓋每個考試目標並提供逼真的樣本問題。


1. 網絡安全概述。
2. 安全威脅。
3. 政策和程序。
4. 監管安全領域。
5. FireWall-1概述。
6. 架構。
7. 安裝和設置。
8. 圖形用戶界面。
9. 對象創建和管理。
10. 策略屬性。
11. 規則庫。
12. 身份驗證。
13. 網絡地址轉換。
14. 實用實驗練習。實驗網絡配置。安全定義。防火牆對象定義。規則庫定義。安裝規則庫。測試規則庫。身份驗證。解決方案。網絡地址轉換。總結。
15. 渗透測試。
16. 考試準備。
17. CCSA目標要點。