Microelectronics: An Integrated Approach

Roger T. Howe, Charles G. Sodini

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Introduction to Electronics/ Microelectronics at Junior Level.

This text describes device physics and circuit design in the context of modern microelectronics integrated circuit technology. It introduces approaches to learning the core device physics and analog/digital circuit concepts that make the subject more accessible to the current generation of students. The authors have designed a concise, concentrated presentation, limiting coverage to only those concepts necessary for the understanding of devices and circuits.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Microelectronics.
2. Semiconductor Physics and IC Technology.
3. pn Junction and MOS Electrostatics.
4. The MOS Field-Effect Transistor.
5. Digital Circuits Using Mos Transistors.
6. The pn Junction Diode.
7. The Bipolar Junction Transistor.
8. Single-State Bipolar/MOS Transistor Amplifiers.
9. Multistage Amplifiers.
10. Frequency Response.
11. Differential Amplifiers.
12. Feedback and Operational Amplifiers.
13. MOS Memories.