The Joy of UX: User Experience and Interactive Design for Developers (Usability)

David Platt


“For years now, I’ve been running around preaching to anyone who’ll listen that UX is something that everybody (not just UX people) needs to be doing. Dave has done an excellent job of explaining what developers need to know about UX, in a complete but compact, easy-to-absorb, and implementable form. Developers, come and get it!”

Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability


Master User Experience and Interaction Design from the Developer’s Perspective

For modern developers, UX expertise is indispensable: Without outstanding user experience, your software will fail. Now, David Platt has written the first and only comprehensive developer’s guide to achieving a world-class user experience.

Quality user experience isn’t hard, but it does require developers to think in new ways. The Joy of UX shows you how, with plenty of concrete examples. Firmly grounded in reality, this guide will help you optimize usability and engagement while also coping with difficult technical, schedule, and budget constraints.

Platt’s technology-agnostic approach illuminates all the principles, techniques, and best practices you need to build great user experiences for the web, mobile devices, and desktop environments. He covers the entire process, from user personas and stories through wireframes, layouts, and execution. He also addresses key issues—such as telemetry and security—that many other UX guides ignore. You’ll find all the resources and artifacts you need: complete case studies, sample design documents, testing plans, and more.


This guide shows you how to

  • Recognize and avoid pitfalls that lead to poor user experiences
  • Learn the crucial difference between design and mere decoration
  • Put yourself in your users’ shoes—understand what they want (and where, when, and why)
  • Quickly sketch and prototype user interfaces for easy refinement
  • Test your sketches on real users or appropriate surrogates
  • Integrate telemetry to capture the best possible usage information
  • Use analytics to accurately interpret the data you’ve captured
  • Solve unique experience problems presented by mobile environments
  • Secure your app without compromising usability any more than necessary
  • “Polish” your UX to eliminate user effort everywhere you can


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「多年來,我一直在四處宣揚,讓每個人(不僅僅是UX人員)都應該做UX。Dave在這本書中做了出色的工作,解釋了開發人員需要了解的UX知識,以一種完整但緊湊、易於理解和可實施的形式呈現。開發人員,快來學習吧!」——Steve Krug,《Don't Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability》作者

現代開發人員必須具備卓越的用戶體驗專業知識,因為沒有出色的用戶體驗,你的軟體將會失敗。現在,David Platt撰寫了第一本也是唯一一本全面的開發人員指南,教你如何實現世界一流的用戶體驗。

提供優質的用戶體驗並不難,但需要開發人員以新的方式思考。《The Joy of UX》通過大量具體的例子向你展示如何做到這一點。這本指南以現實為基礎,將幫助你優化可用性和參與度,同時應對困難的技術、進度和預算限制。


- 辨識並避免導致糟糕用戶體驗的陷阱
- 學習設計和僅僅裝飾之間的重要區別
- 站在用戶的角度思考,了解他們想要什麼(以及在何時、何地和為何)
- 快速草擬和製作原型,以便輕鬆進行改進
- 在真實用戶或適當的替代者上測試你的草擬
- 整合遙測以獲取最佳的使用信息
- 使用分析工具準確解讀你所捕獲的數據
- 解決移動環境帶來的獨特體驗問題
- 在不影響可用性的前提下保護你的應用程式
- 在任何可能的地方減少用戶的努力