Domain-Driven Design Distilled (Paperback)

Vaughn Vernon



Domain-Driven Design (DDD) software modeling delivers powerful results in practice, not just in theory, which is why developers worldwide are rapidly moving to adopt it. Now, for the first time, there’s an accessible guide to the basics of DDD: What it is, what problems it solves, how it works, and how to quickly gain value from it.


Concise, readable, and actionable, Domain-Driven Design Distilled never buries you in detail–it focuses on what you need to know to get results. Vaughn Vernon, author of the best-selling Implementing Domain-Driven Design, draws on his twenty years of experience applying DDD principles to real-world situations. He is uniquely well-qualified to demystify its complexities, illuminate its subtleties, and help you solve the problems you might encounter.


Vernon guides you through each core DDD technique for building better software. You’ll learn how to segregate domain models using the powerful Bounded Contexts pattern, to develop a Ubiquitous Language within an explicitly bounded context, and to help domain experts and developers work together to create that language. Vernon shows how to use Subdomains to handle legacy systems and to integrate multiple Bounded Contexts to define both team relationships and technical mechanisms.


Domain-Driven Design Distilled brings DDD to life. Whether you’re a developer, architect, analyst, consultant, or customer, Vernon helps you truly understand it so you can benefit from its remarkable power.


Coverage includes

  • What DDD can do for you and your organization–and why it’s so important
  • The cornerstones of strategic design with DDD: Bounded Contexts and Ubiquitous Language
  • Strategic design with Subdomains
  • Context Mapping: helping teams work together and integrate software more strategically
  • Tactical design with Aggregates and Domain Events
  • Using project acceleration and management tools to establish and maintain team cadence


領域驅動設計(Domain-Driven Design,簡稱DDD)軟體建模在實踐中帶來了強大的成果,而不僅僅是理論上的成果,這就是為什麼全球開發人員迅速採用它的原因。現在,首次出現了一本易於理解的DDD基礎指南:它是什麼,它解決了哪些問題,它如何運作,以及如何快速從中獲得價值。

簡潔、易讀且可操作的《領域驅動設計精煉》(Domain-Driven Design Distilled)不會淹沒你在細節中,它專注於你需要知道的內容以獲得結果。作者Vaughn Vernon是暢銷書《實踐領域驅動設計》(Implementing Domain-Driven Design)的作者,他憑藉二十年將DDD原則應用於實際情境的經驗,獨特地具備解密其複雜性、闡明其微妙之處並幫助你解決可能遇到的問題的能力。

Vernon引導你透過每個建構更好軟體的核心DDD技術。你將學習如何使用強大的Bounded Contexts模式來分離領域模型,如何在明確的邊界內發展普遍語言,以及如何幫助領域專家和開發人員共同創建該語言。Vernon展示了如何使用子領域來處理遺留系統,並整合多個Bounded Contexts以定義團隊關係和技術機制。



- DDD對你和你的組織能帶來的好處,以及為什麼它如此重要
- DDD戰略設計的基石:Bounded Contexts和普遍語言
- 使用子領域進行戰略設計
- 上下文映射:幫助團隊合作並更具策略性地整合軟體
- 使用聚合和領域事件進行戰術設計
- 使用專案加速和管理工具建立和維護團隊節奏