Domain-Driven Design with Golang: Use Golang to create simple, maintainable systems to solve complex business problems

Boyle, Matthew

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  • 出版日期: 2022-12-16
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  • ISBN: 1804613452
  • ISBN-13: 9781804613450
  • 相關分類: Domain-Driven Design
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Understand the concept of Domain-driven design and build two DDD systems from scratch that can be showcased as part of your portfolio

Key Features:

  • Explore Domain-driven design as a timeless concept and learn how to apply it with Go
  • Build a domain-driven monolithic application and a microservice from scratch
  • Leverage patterns to make systems scalable, resilient, and maintainable

Book Description:

Domain-driven design (DDD) is one of the most sought-after skills in the industry. This book provides you with step-by-step explanations of essential concepts and practical examples that will see you introducing DDD in your Go projects in no time. Domain-Driven Design with Golang starts by helping you gain a basic understanding of DDD, and then covers all the important patterns, such as bounded context, ubiquitous language, and aggregates. The latter half of the book deals with the real-world implementation of DDD patterns and teaches you how to build two systems while applying DDD principles, which will be a valuable addition to your portfolio. Finally, you'll find out how to build a microservice, along with learning how DDD-based microservices can be part of a greater distributed system. Although the focus of this book is Golang, by the end of this book you'll be able to confidently use DDD patterns outside of Go and apply them to other languages and even distributed systems.

What You Will Learn:

  • Get to grips with domains and the evolution of Domain-driven design
  • Work with stakeholders to manage complex business needs
  • Gain a clear understanding of bounded context, services, and value objects
  • Get up and running with aggregates, factories, repositories, and services
  • Find out how to apply DDD to monolithic applications and microservices
  • Discover how to implement DDD patterns on distributed systems
  • Understand how Test-driven development and Behavior-driven development can work with DDD

Who this book is for:

This book is for intermediate-level Go developers who are looking to ensure that they not only write maintainable code, but also deliver great business value. If you have a basic understanding of Go and are interested in learning about Domain-driven design, or you've explored Domain-driven design before but never in the context of Go, then this book will be helpful.



- 探索領域驅動設計作為一個永恆的概念,並學習如何在Go中應用它
- 從頭開始建立一個領域驅動的單體應用和微服務
- 利用模式使系統具有可擴展性、可靠性和可維護性


- 瞭解領域和領域驅動設計的演變
- 與利益相關者合作管理複雜的業務需求
- 清楚理解有界上下文、服務和值對象
- 開始使用聚合、工廠、存儲庫和服務
- 了解如何將DDD應用於單體應用和微服務
- 發現如何在分佈式系統上實施DDD模式
- 瞭解測試驅動開發和行為驅動開發如何與DDD配合使用