The Intel Microprocessors, 8/e (美國原版)

Barry B. Brey



For introductory-level Microprocessor courses in the departments of Electronic Engineering Technology, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering.


The INTEL Microprocessors: 8086/8088, 80186/80188, 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium, Pentium Pro Processor, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4, and Core2 with 64-bit Extensions, 8e provides a comprehensive view of programming and interfacing of the Intel family of Microprocessors from the 8088 through the latest Pentium 4 and Core2 microprocessors. The text is written for students who need to learn about the programming and interfacing of Intel microprocessors, which have gained wide and at times exclusive application in many areas of electronics, communications, and control systems, particularly in desktop computer systems. A major new feature of this eighth edition is an explanation of how to interface C/C++ using Visual C++ Express (a free download from Microsoft) with assembly language for both the older DOS and the Windows environments. Many applications include Visual C++ as a basis for learning assembly language using the inline assembler. Updated sections that detail new events in the fields of microprocessors and microprocessor interfacing have been added. Organized in an orderly and manageable format, this text offers more than 200 programming examples using the Microsoft Macro Assembler program and provides a thorough description of each of the Intel family members, memory systems, and various I/O systems.



「INTEL微處理器:8086/8088、80186/80188、80286、80386、80486、Pentium、Pentium Pro處理器、Pentium II、Pentium III、Pentium 4和Core2 with 64-bit Extensions, 8e」是一本針對電子工程技術、計算機科學或電機工程等系所的初級微處理器課程的教材。

本書全面介紹了Intel家族微處理器的編程和接口技術,從8088到最新的Pentium 4和Core2微處理器。本書針對需要學習Intel微處理器的編程和接口技術的學生而寫,這些微處理器在電子、通信和控制系統等許多領域中廣泛應用,尤其是在桌面電腦系統中。本書第八版的一個重要新特點是解釋如何使用Visual C++ Express(從Microsoft免費下載)將C/C++與組合語言進行接口,包括舊版DOS和Windows環境。許多應用案例使用Visual C++作為學習內嵌組合語言的基礎。本書還新增了關於微處理器和微處理器接口領域的最新事件的章節。本書以有序且易於管理的格式組織,提供了200多個使用Microsoft Macro Assembler程序的編程示例,並對每個Intel家族成員、記憶系統和各種I/O系統進行了詳細描述。