Microprocessor Theory and Applications with 68000/68020 and Pentium

M. Rafiquzzaman

  • 出版商: Wiley
  • 出版日期: 2008-09-01
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 586
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 0470380314
  • ISBN-13: 9780470380314
  • 相關分類: Assembly
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A self-contained introduction to microprocessor theory and applications

This book presents the fundamental concepts of assembly language programming and system design associated with typical microprocessors, such as the Motorola MC68000/68020 and Intel? Pentium?. It begins with an overview of microprocessors--including anexplanation of terms, the evolution of the microprocessor, and typical applications--and goes on to systematically cover:

  • Microcomputer architecture
  • Microprocessor memory organization
  • Microprocessor Input/Output (I/O)
  • Microprocessor programming concepts
  • Assembly language programming with the 68000
  • 68000 hardware and interfacing
  • Assembly language programming with the 68020
  • 68020 hardware and interfacing
  • Assembly language programming with Pentium
  • Pentium hardware and interfacing

The author assumes a background in basic digital logic, and all chapters conclude with a Questions and Problems section, with selected answers provided at the back of the book. Microprocessor Theory and Applications with 68000/68020 and Pentium is an ideal textbook for undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. (An instructor's manual is available upon request.) It is also appropriate for practitioners in microprocessor system design who are looking for simplified explanations and clear examples on the subject. Additionally, the accompanying CD-ROM, which contains step-by-step procedures for installing and using Ide 68k21 (68000/68020) and MASM32 / Olly Debugger (Pentium) software, provides valuable simulation results via screen shots.



本書介紹了與典型微處理器(如Motorola MC68000/68020和Intel Pentium)相關的組合語言編程和系統設計的基本概念。它從微處理器的概述開始,包括術語解釋、微處理器的演進和典型應用,然後系統地涵蓋以下內容:
- 微型計算機架構
- 微處理器記憶體組織
- 微處理器輸入/輸出(I/O)
- 微處理器編程概念
- 使用68000進行組合語言編程
- 68000硬體和接口
- 使用68020進行組合語言編程
- 68020硬體和接口
- 使用Pentium進行組合語言編程
- Pentium硬體和接口

作者假設讀者具備基本的數位邏輯背景,每章結束時都附有問題和問題解答部分,選定的答案在書末提供。《Microprocessor Theory and Applications with 68000/68020 and Pentium》是電機工程、計算機工程和計算機科學本科和研究生課程的理想教材(可根據要求提供教師手冊)。對於微處理器系統設計的從業人員來說,這本書也適用,他們正在尋找簡化的解釋和明確的示例。此外,附帶的CD-ROM包含了安裝和使用Ide 68k21(68000/68020)和MASM32 / Olly Debugger(Pentium)軟體的逐步操作步驟,並通過屏幕截圖提供有價值的模擬結果。