Python for Programmers: with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Case Studies (Paperback)

Paul J. Deitel , Harvey Deitel



Written for programmers with a background in another high-level language, this book uses hands-on instruction to teach today’s most compelling, leading-edge computing technologies and programming in Python–one of the world’s most popular and fastest-growing languages. Please read the Table of Contents diagram inside the front cover and the Preface for more details.

In the context of 500+, real-world examples ranging from individual snippets to 40 large scripts and full implementation case studies, you’ll use the interactive IPython interpreter with code in Jupyter Notebooks to quickly master the latest Python coding idioms. After covering Python Chapters 1—5 and a few key parts of Chapters 6—7, you’ll be able to handle significant portions of the hands-on introductory AI case studies in Chapters 11—16, which are loaded with cool, powerful, contemporary examples. These include natural language processing, data mining Twitter for sentiment analysis, cognitive computing with IBM Watson™, supervised machine learning with classification and regression, unsupervised machine learning with clustering, computer vision through deep learning and convolutional neural networks, deep learning with recurrent neural networks, big data with Hadoop, Spark™ and NoSQL databases, the Internet of Things and more. You’ll also work directly or indirectly with cloud-based services, including Twitter, Google Translate™, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, OpenMapQuest, PubNub and more.


  • 500+ hands-on, real-world, live-code examples from snippets to case studies
  • IPython + code in Jupyter Notebooks
  • Library-focused: Uses Python Standard Library and data science libraries to accomplish significant tasks with minimal code
  • Rich Python coverage: Control statements, functions, strings, files, JSON serialization, CSV, exceptions
  • Procedural, functional-style and object-oriented programming
  • Collections: Lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets, NumPy arrays, pandas Series & DataFrames
  • Static, dynamic and interactive visualizations
  • Data experiences with real-world datasets and data sources
  • Intro to Data Science sections: AI, basic stats, simulation, animation, random variables, data wrangling, regression
  • AI, big data and cloud data science case studies: NLP, data mining Twitter, IBM Watson™, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, Hadoop, Spark™, NoSQL, IoT
  • Open-source libraries: NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium, SciPy, NLTK, TextBlob, spaCy, Textatistic, Tweepy, scikit-learn, Keras and more.

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在超過500個真實案例中,從個別片段到40個大型腳本和完整實施案例研究,您將使用互動式的IPython解譯器和Jupyter Notebooks中的程式碼,快速掌握最新的Python編碼慣用語。在涵蓋Python第1至5章和第6至7章的幾個關鍵部分後,您將能夠處理第11至16章中實作的大部分實作導向的人工智慧案例研究,這些案例充滿了酷炫、強大且現代的範例。這些案例包括自然語言處理、通過Twitter進行情感分析的數據挖掘、使用IBM Watson進行認知計算、通過分類和回歸進行監督式機器學習、通過聚類進行非監督式機器學習、通過深度學習和卷積神經網絡進行計算機視覺、通過循環神經網絡進行深度學習、使用Hadoop、Spark和NoSQL數據庫進行大數據處理、物聯網等。您還將直接或間接地使用基於雲的服務,包括Twitter、Google Translate、IBM Watson、Microsoft Azure、OpenMapQuest、PubNub等。


- 超過500個實作案例,從片段到案例研究
- IPython + Jupyter Notebooks中的程式碼
- 以庫為中心:使用Python標準庫和數據科學庫以最少的程式碼完成重要任務
- 全面涵蓋Python:控制語句、函數、字符串、文件、JSON序列化、CSV、異常處理
- 過程式、函數式和物件導向編程
- 集合:列表、元組、字典、集合、NumPy數組、pandas Series和DataFrames
- 靜態、動態和互動視覺化
- 使用真實數據集和數據來源的數據體驗
- 數據科學入門部分:人工智慧、基本統計、模擬、動畫、隨機變量、數據整理、回歸
- 人工智慧、大數據和雲數據科學案例研究:自然語言處理、通過Twitter進行數據挖掘、IBM Watson、機器學習、深度學習、計算機視覺、Hadoop、Spark、NoSQL、物聯網
- 開源庫:NumPy、pandas、Matplotlib、Seaborn、Folium、SciPy、NLTK、TextBlob、spaCy、Textatistic、Tweepy、scikit-learn、Keras等。



Paul Deitel, CEO and Chief Technical Officer of Deitel & Associates, Inc., is a graduate of MIT, where he studied Information Technology. Through Deitel & Associates, Inc., he has delivered hundreds of programming courses worldwide to clients, including Cisco, IBM, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Fidelity, NASA at the Kennedy Space Center, the National Severe Storm Laboratory, White Sands Missile Range, Rogue Wave Software, Boeing, SunGard Higher Education, Nortel Networks, Puma, iRobot, Invensys and many more. He and his co-author, Dr. Harvey M. Deitel, are the world’s best-selling programming-language textbook/professional book/video authors.


Dr. Harvey Deitel, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Deitel & Associates, Inc., has over 50 years of experience in the computer field. Dr. Deitel earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from MIT and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Boston University. He has extensive college teaching experience, including earning tenure and serving as the Chairman of the Computer Science Department at Boston College before founding Deitel & Associates, Inc., in 1991 with his son, Paul. The Deitels’ publications have earned international recognition, with translations published in Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Greek, Urdu and Turkish. Dr. Deitel has delivered hundreds of programming courses to corporate, academic, government and military clients.


Paul Deitel,Deitel & Associates 公司的首席執行官和首席技術官,畢業於麻省理工學院,專攻資訊技術。透過 Deitel & Associates 公司,他已經在全球范圍內為包括思科、IBM、西門子、Sun Microsystems、戴爾、富達利、NASA 肯尼迪太空中心、國家嚴重風暴實驗室、白沙飛彈射程、Rogue Wave Software、波音、SunGard Higher Education、諾特爾網絡、Puma、iRobot、Invensys 等客戶提供了數百個編程課程。他和他的合著者 Dr. Harvey M. Deitel 是全球最暢銷的編程語言教材/專業書籍/視頻作者。

Dr. Harvey Deitel,Deitel & Associates 公司的主席和首席策略官,在計算機領域擁有超過50年的經驗。Dr. Deitel 在麻省理工學院獲得了電機工程學士和碩士學位,並在波士頓大學獲得了數學博士學位。他在大學教學方面擁有豐富的經驗,包括在創辦 Deitel & Associates 公司之前在波士頓學院擔任計算機科學系主任並獲得終身職位。Deitel 的出版物在國際上獲得了認可,已經被翻譯成日語、德語、俄語、西班牙語、法語、波蘭語、意大利語、簡體中文、繁體中文、韓語、葡萄牙語、希臘語、烏爾都語和土耳其語等多種語言。Dr. Deitel 曾為企業、學術、政府和軍事客戶提供數百個編程課程。