Windows Internals, Part 2 : Developer Reference, 7/e (Paperback)

Russinovich, Mark E., Solomon, David A., Ionescu, Alex

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  • 出版日期: 2021-10-01
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 768
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  • ISBN: 0135462401
  • ISBN-13: 9780135462409
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The definitive guide to modern Windows internals: new coverage of virtualization, file systems, boot, security, and more.


For advanced computing professionals, this is the definitive up-to-date guide to how Windows core components behave “under the hood.” Using it, experienced developers can build more powerful and scalable software, administrators can debug complex system and performance  problems, and security researchers can harden their systems. This Seventh Edition is fully updated through the May 2021 (21H1/2104) updates to Windows 10 and Windows Server (2022, 2019, and 2016). It adds extensive content on Hyper-V, plus fully rewritten chapters on the boot process, new storage technologies, and Windows system and management mechanisms. As always, it delivers unparalleled insight based on insider access to Microsoft source code, with hands-on experiments using the latest debugging tools to show you Windows’ internal behaviors firsthand. With Windows 11 introducing new user interface design elements that build upon the same core technologies as Windows 10, readers will be well-prepared for this new chapter of computing.


Leading Windows insiders help you:

• Discover system mechanisms for serving device drivers and applications, including ALPC, Object Manager, synchronization, WNF, WoW64, and the processor execution model

• Explore underlying hardware architecture, including trap processing, segmentation, and side channel vulnerabilities

• Understand Windows virtualization, and how virtualization-based security (VBS) protects against OS vulnerabilities

• Delve into key management and configuration mechanisms, including the Registry, Windows services, WMI, and Task Scheduling

• Explore diagnostic services such as Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) and DTrace

• Learn how the cache manager and file system drivers interact to provide reliable support for files, directories, and disks, including on Persistent Memory (NVDIMM) DAX devices.

• Understand NTFS, ReFS, and other Windows file systems

• Review Windows startup/shutdown operations, and OS components involved in boot flow

• Analyze UEFI-based Secure Boot, Measured Boot, and Secure Launch


About This Book

• For experienced programmers, architects, software quality and performance specialists, administrators, security practitioners, and support professionals

• Assumes you are a Windows power user



對於高級計算專業人士來說,這是一本最新的指南,深入了解Windows核心組件在幕後的運作方式。有了這本書,有經驗的開發人員可以建立更強大和可擴展的軟體,管理員可以解決複雜的系統和效能問題,安全研究人員可以加固他們的系統。本書第七版完全更新至2021年5月的Windows 10和Windows Server(2022、2019和2016)的更新。它增加了關於Hyper-V的詳細內容,並完全重寫了關於開機過程、新的儲存技術和Windows系統和管理機制的章節。一如既往,本書提供了基於對Microsoft原始碼的內部訪問的獨特見解,並使用最新的調試工具進行實驗,以第一手展示Windows的內部行為。隨著Windows 11引入建立在與Windows 10相同核心技術上的新用戶界面設計元素,讀者將為這個計算的新篇章做好充分準備。