The Designer's Guide to Product Vision: Learn to Build Your Strategic Influence to Shape the Future

Fish, Laura, Kiekbusch, Scott

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As organizations increasingly recognize the centrality of design to strategy, designers have an opportunity to shape decisions at the highest level, moving beyond low-level UI/UX decisions to product vision and strategy. In The Designer's Guide to Product Vision , pioneering product design visionary Laura Fish helps you level up your skills and become a modern design leader. Fish shows how to make the hard-won transformation to strategic designer, and harness your new power by championing product visions that make a powerful difference. You'll learn how to:

  • Lead digital product journeys in an agile world, using product vision as a strategic compass that keeps everyone aligned in the face of change
  • Bind your product to purposeful direction: delivering the best experience that solves for user problems through the lens of business objectives
  • Master the exceptional business communication skills you need to command business endeavors based on product or service vision
  • Secure dedicated resources, assemble your team, and captain your visioneering expedition to success

Fish provides practical tools that help you apply her strategies, including product vision proposal document deliverables, storytelling arc templates, vision solution story templates, and more. With her guidance and resources, you can leave pixel-pushing behind -- and change your world.


隨著組織越來越認識到設計對於策略的重要性,設計師有機會在最高層面上塑造決策,超越低層級的UI/UX決策,進而影響產品的願景和策略。在《設計師的產品願景指南》中,開創性的產品設計先驅Laura Fish幫助您提升技能,成為現代設計領導者。Fish展示了如何成為戰略設計師,並通過提倡具有強大影響力的產品願景來發揮新的力量。您將學到以下技能:

- 在敏捷的世界中引領數位產品的旅程,使用產品願景作為戰略指南,在變革面前保持所有人的一致性。
- 將產品與有意義的方向相結合:通過商業目標的角度提供解決用戶問題的最佳體驗。
- 掌握卓越的商業溝通技巧,以基於產品或服務願景指導商業努力。
- 獲得專屬資源,組建團隊,領導您的願景實現成功。



Laura Fish is a modern designer focusing on strategic product vision that can shape big change for the better. Drawing on fifteen years embedded in digital product programs and user experience teams, she can now speak to hard lessons learned and expertise gained that have led her to redefine her professional purpose and make the changes needed to level herself up. She is now dedicated to helping fellow designers do the same, acting as a visioneering sherpa to guide the journey.
Scott Kiekbusch is a digital product strategist and designer with nearly 20 years of industry experience. Scott has built & led digital product design teams, participated in the design and delivery of websites & applications enjoyed by millions of users, and helped mature the product design practices of several organizations. In his free time he enjoys playing & listening to music, traveling, photography, and periodically posting hot takes on Twitter @adjustafresh. He currently resides with his family in the Indianapolis, IN area.



Laura Fish是一位現代設計師,專注於戰略性產品視野,以促成更好的重大變革。她憑藉在數位產品計畫和使用者體驗團隊中的十五年經驗,能夠分享她所學到的寶貴經驗和專業知識,這些經驗讓她重新定義了自己的專業目標,並做出了提升自己的改變。她現在致力於幫助其他設計師做到同樣的事情,充當一位引領旅程的願景導師。

Scott Kiekbusch是一位數位產品策略師和設計師,擁有近20年的行業經驗。Scott曾建立並領導數位產品設計團隊,參與設計和交付了為數百萬用戶所喜愛的網站和應用程式,並幫助多個組織成熟其產品設計實踐。在空閒時間,他喜歡玩音樂、聽音樂、旅行、攝影,並不時在Twitter上發表熱門觀點,帳號是@adjustafresh。他目前與家人居住在印第安納波利斯地區。