Visual Analytics Fundamentals: Creating Compelling Data Narratives with Tableau

Ryan, Lindy

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  • 出版日期: 2023-06-25
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Master the Fundamentals of Modern Visual Analytics--and Craft Compelling Visual Narratives in Tableau!


Do you need to persuade or inform people? Do you have data? Then you need to master visual analytics and visual storytelling. Today, the #1 tool for telling visual stories with data is Tableau, and demand for Tableau skills is soaring. In Visual Analytics Fundamentals, renowned visual storyteller and analytics professor Lindy Ryan introduces all the fundamental visual analytics knowledge, cognitive and perceptual concepts, and hands-on Tableau techniques you'll need.


Ryan puts core analytics and visual concepts upfront, so you'll always know exactly what you're trying to accomplish and can apply this knowledge with any tool. Building on this foundation, she presents classroom-proven guided exercises for translating ideas into reality with Tableau 2022. You'll learn how to organize data and structure analysis with stories in mind, embrace exploration and visual discovery, and articulate your findings with rich data, well-curated visualizations, and skillfully crafted narrative frameworks. Ryan's insider tips take you far beyond the basics--and you'll rely on her expert checklists for years to come.


  • Communicate more powerfully by applying scientific knowledge of the human brain
  • Get started with the Tableau platform and Tableau Desktop 2022
  • Connect data and quickly prepare it for analysis
  • Ask questions that help you keep data firmly in context
  • Choose the right charts, graphs, and maps for each project--and avoid the wrong ones
  • Craft storyboards that reflect your message and audience
  • Direct attention to what matters most
  • Build data dashboards that guide people towards meaningful outcomes
  • Master advanced visualizations, including timelines, Likert scales, and lollipop charts


This book has only one prerequisite: your desire to communicate insights from data in ways that are memorable and actionable. It's for executives and professionals sharing important results, students writing reports or presentations, teachers cultivating data literacy, journalists making sense of complex trends. . . . practically everyone! Don't even have Tableau? Download your free trial of Tableau Desktop and let's get started!



您需要說服或通知他人嗎?您有數據嗎?那麼您需要精通視覺分析和視覺故事講述。如今,用於以數據講述視覺故事的頂尖工具是Tableau,對Tableau技能的需求正在飛速增長。在《視覺分析基礎知識》中,著名的視覺故事講述者和分析學教授Lindy Ryan介紹了所有基本的視覺分析知識、認知和知覺概念,以及您所需的實用Tableau技巧。

Ryan將核心分析和視覺概念放在前面,因此您始終清楚自己想要實現的目標,並且可以在任何工具上應用這些知識。在此基礎上,她提供了經過課堂驗證的指導性練習,以使用Tableau 2022將想法轉化為現實。您將學習如何組織數據並以故事為中心進行分析,擁抱探索和視覺發現,並以豐富的數據、精心策劃的可視化和技巧嫻熟的敘事框架表達您的發現。Ryan的內部貼士將帶您深入了解基礎知識,並且您將多年來依賴她的專家檢查清單。

  • 應用對人腦的科學知識,更有力地傳達信息

  • 開始使用Tableau平台和Tableau Desktop 2022

  • 連接數據並快速準備進行分析

  • 提出有助於保持數據上下文的問題

  • 為每個項目選擇正確的圖表、圖形和地圖,並避免錯誤的選擇

  • 製作反映您的信息和受眾的故事板

  • 將注意力集中在最重要的事物上

  • 構建引導人們實現有意義結果的數據儀表板

  • 精通高級可視化,包括時間軸、Likert量表和棒棒糖圖表

這本書只有一個先決條件:您希望以令人難忘且可行的方式傳達數據的見解。它適用於分享重要結果的高管和專業人士、撰寫報告或演示文稿的學生、培養數據素養的教師、理解複雜趨勢的記者......幾乎適用於每個人!甚至沒有Tableau?立即下載Tableau Desktop的免費試用版,讓我們開始吧!


Lindy Ryan teaches visual analytics and data visualization in Rutgers' Professional Science Master's program. As Research Director for Radiant Advisors, she led work in data discovery, enablement, visualization, and visual analytics, and developed Radiant's Data Visualization Competency CenterTM methodology. Her books include The Visual Imperative and Visual Data Storytelling with Tableau (Addison-Wesley, 2018). A published novelist, screenwriter, and short-film director, her creative work has won numerous awards.


Lindy Ryan在Rutgers大學的專業科學碩士課程中教授視覺分析和數據可視化。作為Radiant Advisors的研究總監,她領導了數據發現、啟用、可視化和視覺分析的工作,並開發了Radiant的數據可視化能力中心TM方法論。她的著作包括《The Visual Imperative》和《Visual Data Storytelling with Tableau》(Addison-Wesley,2018)。作為一位已出版的小說家、編劇和短片導演,她的創作作品獲得了眾多獎項。