The awk Programming Language

Aho, Alfred, Kernighan, Brian, Weinberger, Peter

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  • 出版日期: 2023-09-16
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Awk was developed in 1977 at Bell Labs, and it's still a remarkably useful tool for solving a wide variety of problems quickly and efficiently. In this update of the classic Awk book, the creators of the language show you what Awk can do and teach you how to use it effectively.

Here's what programmers today are saying: "I love Awk." "Awk is amazing." "It is just so damn good." "Awk is just right." "Awk is awesome." "Awk has always been a language that I loved."

It's easy: "Simple, fast and lightweight." "Absolutely efficient to learn because there isn't much to learn." "3-4 hours to learn the language from start to finish." "I can teach it to new engineers in less than 2 hours."

It's productive: "Whenever I need to do a complex analysis of a semi-structured text file in less than a minute, Awk is my tool." "Learning Awk was the best bang for buck investment of time in my entire career." "Designed to chew through lines of text files with ease, with great defaults that minimize the amount of code you actually have to write to do anything."

It's always available: "AWK runs everywhere." "A reliable Swiss Army knife that is always there when you need it." "Many systems lack Perl or Python, but include Awk."

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Alfred V. Aho is Lawrence Gussman Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Columbia University, and former department chair. Well known for his work on algorithms, data structures, programming languages, compilers, and the foundations of computer science, he has received the ACM A. M. Turing Award and the IEEE John von Neumann Medal.

Brian W. Kernighan was a member of the Computing Science Research Center at Bell Labs and is currently a professor in the Computer Science department at Princeton. He is the co-creator of several programming languages and the co-author of numerous books, including the computing classic, The C Programming Language.

Peter J. Weinberger, currently at Google, has served as chief technology officer at Renaissance Technologies and as leader of computer science research at Bell Labs. He is a Fellow of the AAAS.


Alfred V. Aho是哥倫比亞大學計算機科學系的Lawrence Gussman名譽教授,也是前系主任。他以在算法、數據結構、編程語言、編譯器和計算機科學基礎方面的工作而聞名,曾獲得ACM A. M. Turing獎和IEEE John von Neumann獎。

Brian W. Kernighan曾是貝爾實驗室計算科學研究中心的成員,目前是普林斯頓大學計算機科學系的教授。他是幾種編程語言的共同創作者,也是許多書籍的共同作者,包括計算機經典作品《C程式設計語言》。

Peter J. Weinberger目前在Google工作,曾擔任Renaissance Technologies的首席技術官,並在貝爾實驗室擔任計算機科學研究領導者。他是AAAS的會士。