Multicast Networking and Applications

C. Kenneth Miller

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Table Of Contents

1. Introduction.
Multicast Applications.
Real-Time Multimedia Applications.
Real-Time (Streaming) Data Applications.
Non-Real-Time Multimedia Applications.
Non-Real-Time Data Applications.

Organization and Target Audience.

2. Link-Layer Multicast Versus Network-Layer Multicast.
Link-Layer Multicast.
Frame Relay Multicast.
Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS).
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).
Link-Layer Multicast Issues.

Network-Layer Multicast (IP Multicast).

3. Multicast IP.
Multicast IP Addressing.
Scoped Multicast Addresses.
Binding to LAN MAC Addresses.
Multicast Ipv6.
Multicast Address Allocation.

IGMP and Joining Multicast Groups.

Multicast Routing Protocols.
Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMRP).
Protocol Independent Multicast—Dense Mode (PIM-DM).
Multicast Open Shortest Path First (MOSPF).
Shared-Tree (Sparse-Mode) Multicast Routing Protocols.
Protocol Independent Multicast—Sparse Mode (PIM-SM).
Core-Based Trees (CBT).

Interdomain Multicast Routing.

4. Network Infrastructures and Ease of Implementation of Multicast IP.
LANs and Campus Networks.
Shared LANs.
LANs Segmented by Bridges.
Switched LANs.
Campus Networks.

Wide Area Networks (WANs).
Frame Relay.
Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS).
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).
Virtual Private Networking (VPN).
Two-Way Satellite (VSAT).
Hybrid One-Way Satellite Overlay to Land-Line Routed Networks.
Future High-Speed Satellite Data Infrastructures.

Coping with the “Last Mile” .
High-Speed Permanent Links.
Switched Links.

Summary and Conclusions.

5. Replication, Mirroring, and Caching.
Caching and Replication: What are they?
Network Caching Systems.
The Web.
Today's Network Caching Systems.
Stale Content.
“Flushing” Algorithms (The “Garbage Collection” Problem).
“Hit” Statistics.
Security Issues.
Copyright Issues.

Commercial Network Proxy Cache Products.
Treatment of Clusters.

Summary and Conclusions.

6. “Push” Applications (“Webcasting.” )
The Content Aggregator.
Other Content Aggregators.

Platform Providers.
Proposed “Push” Standards.
Channel Definition Format (CDF).
Meta Content Framework (MCF) and Resource Description Format (RDF).
Open Software Description (OSD).
HTTP Distribution and Replication Protocol (DRP).

E-mail as “Push” Technology.
The Future of “Push” ?

7. Multimedia Streaming Applications and Technology.
Business Case Studies.
Smith Barney.
National Institutes of Health.

Multimedia Protocols and Formats.
Multimedia Codecs.
Real-Time Protocol and Real-Time-Control Protocol (RTP and RTCP).
Quality of Service, Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), and Flows.
Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).
Multimedia File Formats.
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL).


8. Reliable Multicast Applications and Technology.
Data-Only Real-Time Applications.
Non-Real-Time Applications.
Case Studies.
A Major Telephone Carrier.
Toys “R” Us.
The Ohio Company.
General Motors.

Reliable Multicast Protocols — Requirements and Examples.
Brief Review of TCP.
Existing Reliable Multicast Protocols and Design Philosophies.
Generalized Reliable Multicast Protocols.
Scalable Reliable Multicast (SRM).
Reliable Multicast Transport Protocol (RMTP/RMTP1).
Pretty Good Multicast (PGM).

Specialized Reliable Multicast Protocols.
Reliable Adaptive Multicast Protocol (RAMP).
Multicast File Transfer Protocol (MFTP).

Research Activities and Topics in Reliable Multicast.
Forward Error Correction (FEC) Techniques.
Erasure Correction.
Layering Using FEC for Congestion Control.

Bulk Feedback.
Optimized Local Repair.

Summary and Conclusions.

9. The Creation of Groups.
The IETF MMUSIC Group Conferencing Architecture.
Session Announcement Protocol (SAP) and Session Description Protocol (SDP).
Session Invitation Protocol (SIP).

MFTP Group Creation.
MFTP Announce/Registration and Completion Phases.
Closed Groups.
Open Limited and Unlimited Groups.

TIBCO's Publish/Subscribe and Subject-Based Addressing.

10. Security Systems Applied to Multicast Applications.
Multicast Applications Needing Security.
Collaborative Applications.
Multimedia Streaming Applications.
Data Streaming Applications.
Bulk Data Transfer Applications.

Malicious Attacks Using Multicast.
Brief Review of Security Technology.
Message Digests and Hash Functions.
Key Management.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
The Group Key Management Problem.

11. Barriers to Deployment.
Reluctance to Change Today's Networks.
Private Network Barriers.
Public Network Barriers.
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
The Internet.


12. Musings and Prognostications — What Does the Future Hold?
Short-Term Trends.
Relative Costs of Storage and Bandwidth.
The Conversion of the Broadcast Industry from Analog to Digital.
Diminishing Costs for Remote Equipment for Wireless Transmission.
The Continuing Explosion of the Internet.
Greater Distribution for Organizations.
Outsourcing of WAN Network Services.

Long-Term Trends.
Huge Projects to Add High-Speed Wireless Data Infrastructures.
Continued Internet Growth Fueled by Voice Traffic.

What Are the Implications for Multicast?

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