Mission-Critical Java Project Management

Gregory Dennis, James R. Rubin




The advent of the Java programming language has made the corporate computing world take notice. Java offers businesses many benefits, including the secure deployment of distributed business applications. Yet for all of its strengths, Java is still largely a mystery to professionals charged with mapping corporate computing strategy. Mission-Critical Java Project Management provides information technology professionals with the foundation they need to decide what role Java should play in their corporate IT strategy. Rather than hyping the use of Java for every application, this book documents the advantages and challenges of building Java-based business systems. The authors--experts in deploying large-scale Java business systems--provide invaluable information for those confronting the challenges and opportunities that Java presents to the corporate computing architecture. Case studies throughout the book offer real-world examples and lessons learned from the authors' personal experience using Java in business applications. The approach is candid and unbiased, and this objective view helps you learn when using Java is the best solution and when it is not.In short Mission-Critical Java Project Management will show you how Java should fit in your organization's current and future enterprise computing plans. Highlights include: *A discussion of the risks and rewards of an enterprise-wide Java implementation using multiple case studies *An explanation of building Java-based systems from experienced consultants who have developed a complex, real-world Java business application with over one million lines of code *A case study focusing on the development of a large-scale Java business application for via World Network, an Andersen Consulting Enterprise that delivers e-commerce technologies to the travel industry 020132573XB04062001