The Latex Companion, 3rd Edition: Part II

Mittelbach, Frank, Fischer, Ulrike

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  • 出版日期: 2023-05-02
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This edition consists of two parts. This is Part II and you can find Part I by going to ISBN 9780134658940. A bundle of both books is available at a special, discounted price; please see the listing for ISBN 9780138166489.

For nearly three decades The LaTeX Companion has been the essential resource for anyone using LaTeX to create high-quality documents. Just like the earlier editions, this completely updated third edition is designed to serve as the stable core resource for users: covering all aspects of document production, from detailed micro-typography questions and macro-typography (heading design, lists, mathematics, tables, graphics, fonts, page-layout, etc.) to bibliography and index production.

All chapters have been thoroughly revised and in many cases largely extended to describe new important functionality and features. More than 5,000 add-on packages have been analyzed in detail, out of which roughly 10% have been chosen for inclusion in The LaTeX Companion. All important aspects of these packages are described to provide the user once again with a satisfying one-stop-shop experience for the decade to come.

Following the concept of the earlier versions, the new edition is full of novel tips and tricks for using LaTeX in both traditional and modern typesetting, and also shows you how to customize layout features to your own needs--from phrases and paragraphs to headings, lists, and pages.

New to this edition:

  • Inclusion of, or more details on, important new or changed large-scale packages, e.g., biblatex, fontspec, hyperref, mathtools, siunitx, tcolorbox, tikz, and unicode-math, to name just a few.
  • Coverage of newer engine developments, e.g., the use of Unicode engines with LaTeX.
  • Discussion of all vital changes to LaTeX itself, which is is undergoing a transformation to keep it relevant in the years to come. Examples are the new hook management system for LaTeX, the extended document command syntax, and the inclusion of the LaTeX3 programming layer into the LaTeX format.
  • Inclusion of many new, useful (smaller) packages in all chapters--each offering additional functionality.
  • Two new chapters devoted to the use of high-quality fonts for text and math (OpenType, TrueType, and Type 1), now available for use with LaTeX. They offer a comprehensive set of samples to choose from (more than 120 text font families and 40 math font layouts), compiled with the help of an expert font designer.
  • Revised discussions of multi-lingual support by the authors of the babel system to typeset text from a wide range of languages and cultures.
  • The chapter on bibliography generation now also covers the styles made available with biblatex and biber.
  • More than 1,500 fully tested examples (an increase of 30%) that illustrate the text and solve typographical and technical problems--all ready to run!

Part I contains chapters on: Introduction to LaTeX and its history - LaTeX's document structure - Basic formatting tools (paragraph level) - Basic formatting tools (larger structures) - Page layout - Tabular material - Float handling - Graphics generation and manipulation - Font selection and encodings

This volume (Part II) of the edition covers:

  • Text and symbol fonts
  • Higher mathematics
  • Fonts in formulas
  • Localizing documents
  • Index generation
  • Bibliography generation
  • Managing citations
  • Package documentation tools
  • LaTeX programming and troubleshooting problems

In short, the two parts of The LaTeX Companion, Third Edition, cover all you need to know about LaTeX use in the twenty-first century, while also offering expertly curated discussions of the best add-on packages now available.

The examples can be downloaded from https: //

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這個版本分為兩個部分,這是第二部分,你可以通過前往ISBN 9780134658940找到第一部分。兩本書的捆綁包以特價優惠價格提供;請參閱ISBN 9780138166489的列表。

近三十年來,《LaTeX Companion》一直是使用LaTeX創建高質量文件的必備資源。就像之前的版本一樣,這個完全更新的第三版旨在成為用戶的穩定核心資源:涵蓋文檔製作的所有方面,從詳細的微型排版問題和宏排版(標題設計、列表、數學、表格、圖形、字體、頁面佈局等)到參考文獻和索引製作。

所有章節都經過了徹底修訂,在許多情況下大幅擴展,以描述新的重要功能和特性。超過5,000個附加套件已經進行了詳細分析,其中大約10%被選擇包含在《LaTeX Companion》中。這些套件的所有重要方面都被描述,以再次為用戶提供令人滿意的一站式體驗,以應對未來十年的需求。


- 包含或更多詳細介紹重要的新的或更改的大型套件,例如biblatex、fontspec、hyperref、mathtools、siunitx、tcolorbox、tikz和unicode-math等。
- 覆蓋新引擎發展,例如使用Unicode引擎與LaTeX的結合。
- 討論LaTeX本身的所有重要變化,LaTeX正在進行轉型以保持其在未來幾年的相關性。例如,LaTeX的新鉤子管理系統,擴展的文檔命令語法,以及將LaTeX3編程層包含到LaTeX格式中。
- 在所有章節中包含許多新的有用(較小)套件,每個套件都提供額外的功能。
- 兩個新章節專門介紹用於文本和數學的高質量字體(OpenType、TrueType和Type 1),現在可以在LaTeX中使用。它們提供了一套全面的樣本供您選擇(超過120種文本字體家族和40種數學字體佈局),並由專業字體設計師的幫助編制。
- 由babel系統的作者修訂的多語言支持討論,以排版來自各種語言和文化的文本。
- 關於參考文獻生成的章節現在還包括使用biblatex和biber提供的樣式。
- 超過1,500個經過完全測試的例子(增加了30%),用於說明文本並解決排版和技術問題-全部準備就緒!

第一部分包含以下章節:LaTeX介紹及其歷史- LaTeX的文檔結構- 基本格式化工具(段落級別)- 基本格式化工具(較大結構)- 頁面佈局- 表格材料- 浮動處理- 圖形生成和操作- 字體選擇和編碼。

- 文本和符號字體
- 高等數學
- 公式中的字體
- 文檔本地化
- 索引生成
- 參考文獻生成
- 管理引用
- 套件文檔工具
- LaTeX編程和故障排除問題

簡而言之,《LaTeX Companion, Third Edition》的兩部分涵蓋了您在21世紀使用LaTeX所需的一切,同時還提供了專家精心挑選的最佳附加套件的討論。




Frank Mittelbach is the lead author of The LaTeX Companion, Third Edition, and is series editor of Addison-Wesley's Tools and Techniques for Computer Typesetting series. He is also technical lead of the LaTeX Project and, along with overseeing the original major release of LaTeX2_ε in 1994, he has overseen the 36 subsequent releases of this software. Frank is author or coauthor of several books and of many and varied LaTeX extension packages, such as AMS-LaTeX, doc, multicol, and NFSS: the New Font Selection Scheme. He is on the board of the International Gutenberg Society, an international association for the study of the history and development of printing technology and font-oriented media, where he focuses on the more recent period. He is currently leading a multi-year project for automatically producing tagged and accessible PDF output from LaTeX.

Ulrike Fischer lives with her husband in Bonn, Germany. After studying mathematics at the University of Bonn, Ulrike became interested in the internal handling of fonts and in chess typesetting. With the help of the first edition of The LaTeX Companion, she wrote at first the chessfss package, which allows users to choose between various chess fonts, and other chess-related packages. She joined the LaTeX Project after the TUG meeting in Rio de Janeiro, where she presented her package tagpdf to create tagged PDFs to the team members. Together with other members of the LaTeX Project she now maintains various packages including luaotfload, hyperref, xcolor, the new LaTeX PDF management code and more.


Frank Mittelbach是《The LaTeX Companion, Third Edition》的主要作者,也是Addison-Wesley的Tools and Techniques for Computer Typesetting系列的系列編輯。他還是LaTeX Project的技術負責人,並在1994年監督了LaTeX2_ε的首次重大發布,之後又監督了36次軟體的後續版本。Frank是幾本書的作者或合著者,也是許多不同的LaTeX擴展套件的作者,例如AMS-LaTeX、doc、multicol和NFSS:新字型選擇方案。他是國際古騰堡協會的董事會成員,該協會是一個研究印刷技術和字型媒體發展歷史的國際組織,他在其中專注於較近期的發展。他目前正在領導一個多年的項目,該項目旨在從LaTeX自動生成標記和可訪問的PDF輸出。

Ulrike Fischer與丈夫居住在德國波恩。在波恩大學學習數學後,Ulrike對字型的內部處理和國際象棋排版產生了興趣。在使用《The LaTeX Companion》第一版的幫助下,她首先編寫了chessfss套件,該套件允許用戶在不同的國際象棋字型之間進行選擇,以及其他與國際象棋相關的套件。在里約熱內盧的TUG會議上,她向團隊成員展示了她的tagpdf套件,該套件用於創建標記的PDF。與LaTeX Project的其他成員一起,她現在維護著各種套件,包括luaotfload、hyperref、xcolor和新的LaTeX PDF管理代碼等。