Guide to LaTeX, 4/e

Helmut Kopka, Patrick W. Daly

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  • 出版日期: 2003-12-05
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0321173856
  • ISBN-13: 9780321173850

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A completely revised edition of this accessible guide to LATEX document preparation, bringing it up to date with the latest releases and Web and PC based developments. A Guide to LATEX covers the basics as well as advanced LATEX topics and contains numerous practical examples and handy tips for avoiding problems.

Table of Contents



1. Introduction.


Just what is LaTeX?

Markup Languages.

TEX and its offspring.

How to use this book.

Basics of a LaTeX file.

TEX processing procedure.

Sample LaTeX file.

2. Text, Symbols, and Commands.


Command names and arguments.




Special characters.


Fine-tuning text.

Word division.

3. Document Layout and Organization.


Document class.

Page style.

Parts of the document.

Table of contents.

4. Displaying Text.


Changing font style.

Centering and indenting.


Generalized lists.

Theorem-like declarations.

Printing literal text.

Comments within text.

5. Text in Boxes.



Footnotes and marginal notes.

6. Tables.


Tabulator stops.


7. Mathematical Formulas.


Mathematical environments.

Main elements of math mode.

Mathematical symbols.

Additional elements.

Fine-tuning mathematics.

Beyond standard LaTeX.

8. Graphics Inclusion and Color.


The graphics packages.

Adding color.

9. Floating tables and figures.


Float placement.

Postponing floats.

Style parameters for floats.

Float captions.

Float examples.

References to figures and tables in text.

Some float packages.

10. User Customizations.




User-defined commands.

User-defined environments.

Some comments on user-defined structures.


11. Document Management.


Processing parts of a document.

In-text references.


Keyword index.

12. Bibliographic Databases and BibTeX.


The BibTeX program.

Creating a bibliographic database.

Customizing bibliography styles.

13. PostScript and PDF.


LaTeX and PostScript.

Portable Document Format.

14. Multilingual LaTeX.


The babel system.

Contents of the language.dat file.

15. Math Extensions with AMS-LaTeX.


Invoking AMS-LaTeX.

Standard features of AMS-LaTeX.

Further AMS-LaTeX packages.

The AMS fonts.

16. Drawing with LaTeX.


The picture environment.

Extended pictures.

Other drawing packages.

17. Presentation Material.


Slide production with slides class.

Slide production with seminar.

Slide production with the prosper class.

Electronic documents for screen viewing.

Special effects with PDF.

18. Letters.


The LaTeX letter class.

A house letter style.

A model letter customization.


A: The New Font Selection Scheme.


Font attributes under NFSS.

Simplified font selection.

Font encoding.

B: Installing and Maintaining LaTeX.


Installing LaTeX.

Obtaining the Adobe euro fonts.

TeX directory structure.

The CTAN servers.

Additional standard files.

The various LaTeX files.

C: Error Messages.


Basic structure of error messages.

Some sample errors.

List of LaTeX error messages.

TeX error messages.


Search for subtle errors.

D: LaTeX Programming.


Class and package files.

LaTeX programming commands.

Changing preprogrammed text.

Direct typing of special letters.

Alternatives for special symbols.

Managing code and documentation.

E. LaTeX and the World Wide Web.


Converting to HTML.

The Extensible Markup Language: XML.

F: Obsolete LaTeX.


The 2.09 preamble.

Font selection.

Obsolete means obsolete.

G: Command Summary.


Brief description of the LaTeX commands.

Summary tables and figures.