XML: A Manager's Guide

Kevin Dick

  • 出版商: Pearson Education
  • 出版日期: 1999-10-13
  • 售價: $99
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 208
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0201433354
  • ISBN-13: 9780201433357
  • 相關分類: XML

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Table Of Contents

(Most chapters include an Executive Summary.)
Purpose of This Book.
Who Should Read This Book.
Organization of This Book.
1. The Internet Crisis: Exchanging Information

Connections Without Understanding.
Convergence of Information Exchange Problems.
Metadata Standard Is a First Step.
Shared Context Standard Delivers True Understanding.
The XML Approach.

2. XML Basics
Jumping In.
XML Conceptual Model.
Introducing Elements.
Introducing Attributes.
Creating an "Order" in XML.
Introducing Document Types.
Introducing Entities.
Technical Summary.

3. Related Standards
Overview of Namespaces.
Overview of XLink.
Overview of XSL.
Overview of XSLT.
Overview of XML Schema.
Technical Summary.

4. XML Tools
Fundamental Components.
Web Infrastructure.
Development Tools.
Authoring Tools.
Content Management Tools.

5. Processes and People
XML Applications Introduce Change.
Content Documents.
Business Documents.
Protocol Documents.
Application Spectrum.

6. Five XML Applications for Enterprises
Enterprise Application Types.
Information Distribution.
Knowledge Management.
Application Integration.
Data Integration.

7. Five XML Applications for Vendors
Vendor Application Types.
Customized Publishing.
Information Aggregation.
Software Bill of Materials.
Configuration and Logging Files.
Distributed Protocol.
Index. 0201433354T04062001

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