PDF Reference, 2/e Version 1.3 (Paperback)

Adobe Systems Inc, Adobe Systems Incorporated

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  • 出版日期: 2000-07-28
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  • 語言: 英文
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The authoritative, comprehensive guide to the Adobe Acrobat® PDF 1.3 -- straight from the developers at Adobe.

  • Practical recommendations for application developers who want to generate efficient PDF files.
  • Covers new PDF 1.3 features: Web capture, digital signatures, file embedding, JavaScript, trapping, PostScript 3 support, and more.
  • Includes example files, predefined font encodings, PDF page-marking operators, and other key information.
Adobe Acrobat PDF is the #1 solution for cross-platform exchange of formatted files -- and with Acrobat 4.0/PDF 1.3, PDF becomes an even more powerful solution for secure Web document delivery, prepress, and other key applications. PDF Reference, Second Edition is Adobe's authoritative technical guide to the PDF format: essential for any developer who wants to write programs that read or generate PDF files, and for any advanced user who needs to understand PDF files in depth. Adobe engineers introduce every key aspect of the PDF format, including the relationship of PDF to PostScript; the Adobe imaging model; file compression; font handling; and PDF architecture. The book covers all four components of a PDF file: objects, file structure, document structure, and page description. It contains practical recommendations for optimizing PDF files; detailed coverage of new PDF 1.3 features such as encryption and Web capture; and much more. Appendices include example PDF files, predefined font encodings, compatibility notes, language and country codes, and other essential information for developers and advanced users.

Adobe Systems Incorporated, founded in 1982, is the world's leading provider of graphic design, publishing, and imaging software for Web and print production, and the world's second largest desktop software company.

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Table Of Contents

1. Introduction.
About This Book.
Introduction to PDF 1.3 Features.
Related Publications.
Copyright Permission.

2. Overview.
Imaging Model.
Other General Properties.
Using PDF.
PDF and the PostScript Language.

3. Syntax.
Lexical Conventions.
Details of Filtered Streams.
File Structure.
Document Structure.
Content Streams and Resources.
Common Data Structures.
File Specifications.

4. Graphics.
Graphics Objects.
Coordinate Systems.
Graphics State.
Path Construction and Painting.
Color Spaces.
External Objects.
Form XObjects.
PostScript XObjects.

5. Fonts.
Organization and Use of Fonts.
Text State Parameters and Operators.
Text Objects.
Introduction to Font Data Structures.
Simple Fonts.
Composite Fonts.
Font Descriptors.
Embedded Font Programs.
ToUnicode CMaps.

6. Rendering.
CIE-Based Color to Device Color.
Conversions among Device Color Spaces.
Transfer Functions.
Scan Conversion Details.

7. Interactive Features.
Viewer Preferences.
Document-Level Navigation.
Page-Level Navigation.
Interactive Forms.

8. Document Interchange.
Procedure Sets.
Document Information Dictionary.
File Identifiers.
Application Data.
Web Capture.
Prepress Support.

Appendix A: Operator Summary.
Appendix B: Operators in Type 4 Functions.
Arithmetic Operators.
Relational, Boolean, and Bitwise Operators.
Conditional Operators.
Stack Operators.

Appendix C: Implementation Limits.
General Implementation Limits.
Implementation Limits Affecting Web Capture.

Appendix D: Character Sets and Encodings.
Latin Character Set and Encodings.
Expert Set and MacExpertEncoding.
Symbol Set and Encoding.
ZapfDingbats Set and Encoding.

Appendix E: PDF Name Registry.
Appendix F: Linearized PDF.
Background and Assumptions.
Linearized PDF Document Structure.
Hint Tables.
Access Strategies.

Appendix G: Example PDF Files.
Minimal PDF File.
Simple Text String Example.
Simple Graphics Example.
Page Tree Example.
Outline Tree Example.
Updating Example.

Appendix H: Compatibility and Implementation Notes.
PDF Version Numbers.
Dictionary Keys.
Implementation Notes.

Index. 0201615886T04062001

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