e-Directories: Enterprise Software, Solutions, and Services

Daniel House, Tim Hahn, Louis Mauget, Richard Daugherty



In this book, a team of leading software engineers cover all you need to know to start building enterprise-class directory services applications with today's most important technologies, including LDAP, Sun's JNDI, and Microsoft's ADSI. Start by understanding the problems directories were invented to solve, and the key qualities enterprise-class directory services and directory applications must have, such as availability and security. Review the past, present, and future of directory technologies, as well as "nuts and bolts" issues such as replication, partitioning, and schema. The book includes a full section of case studies demonstrating how directory-enabled applications can solve critical problems throughout the enterprise. The accompanying CD-ROM contains extensive directory services code in C, C++, Java, and Visual Basic, as well as LDAP software developer kits for Windows, Solaris, and IBM OS/390; the IBM SecureWay LDAP Directory Server; a JNDI client SDK; all relevant RFCs; plus this entire book and four bonus IBM Redbooks on LDAP and Enterprise JavaBeans.


在這本書中,一個領先的軟體工程團隊介紹了您需要了解的一切,以使用當今最重要的技術來開始建立企業級目錄服務應用程式,包括LDAP、Sun的JNDI和Microsoft的ADSI。首先,了解目錄被創造出來解決的問題,以及企業級目錄服務和目錄應用程式必須具備的關鍵特性,例如可用性和安全性。回顧目錄技術的過去、現在和未來,以及複製、分割和架構等「細節」問題。本書包含了一整節的案例研究,展示了目錄啟用的應用程式如何在整個企業中解決關鍵問題。附帶的CD-ROM包含了C、C++、Java和Visual Basic的廣泛目錄服務程式碼,以及Windows、Solaris和IBM OS/390的LDAP軟體開發工具包;IBM SecureWay LDAP目錄伺服器;一個JNDI客戶端SDK;所有相關的RFC;以及本書的全部內容和四本額外的IBM Redbooks,涵蓋LDAP和企業級JavaBeans。