Macromedia FreeHand 10 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide

Sandee Cohen

  • 出版商: Peachpit Press
  • 出版日期: 2001-07-27
  • 售價: $1,000
  • 貴賓價: 9.5$950
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 448
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0201749653
  • ISBN-13: 9780201749656
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Macromedia FreeHand has reached the big one-oh, thanks to its straightforward but sophisticated set of illustration tools. If you use FreeHand in your work--or would like to--FreeHand 10 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide is the perfect way to learn this visual program and how to integrate it with the other applications in your virtual studio.

True to the Visual QuickStart Guide name, the book breaks FreeHand into logical, easy-to-follow tasks, illustrated with plenty of screenshots featuring FreeHand’s new Macromedia user interface. Each concise section walks you step-by-step through a single topic. Beginners can start with an overview of FreeHand’s tools and interface, then confidently move on to layers, points and paths, Pen and Bezigon tools, color, strokes and fills, and text effects. More seasoned FreeHand artists can use the book’s page tabs to flip straight to chapters on printing, advanced preferences, and exporting artwork to other applications and the Web. Cross-platform coverage includes Mac OS X!

Table of Contents

1. FreeHand Basics.

Setting Up FreeHand. Onscreen Elements. Working with Onscreen Elements. Using the Interface Elements. Tools Panel and Tools Shortcuts.

2. Document Basics.

Basic Menu Commands. Using the Window Wizards. Getting Help.

3. Display Options.

Setting the Artwork View Modes. Working with Rulers. Working with Guides. Working with Grids. Setting the Magnification Options. Moving Around.

4. Working with Pages.

Adjusting Page Size and Orientation. Duplicating and Adding Pages. Organizing Pages. Moving Between Pages. Selecting and Deleting Pages. Setting a Page Bleed. Using Master Pages.

5. Path Creation Tools.

Understanding Paths. Using the Rectangle Tool. Using the Ellipse Tool. Using the Line Tool. Using the Polygon Tool. Using the Pencil Tool. Using the Spiral Tool. Using the Arc Tool. Using the Trace Tool. Using the Pen and Bezigon Tools.

6. Pen and Bezigon.

Working with the Pen Tool. Creating Paths with the Bezigon Tool. Adding Points to a Path.

7. Working with Points.

Understanding the Types of Points. Selecting Points. Modifying Points and Handles. Points on a Path.

8. Working with Paths.

Selecting and Moving Objects. Copying and Duplicating Objects. Working with Groups. Closing and Opening Paths. Using the Contact Sensitive Settings.

9. Path Operations.

Joining Paths. Masking. Setting Path Direction. Using the Knife Tool. Using the Freeform Tool. Path Commands.

10. Move and Transform.

Viewing Transformation. Moving Objects. Rotating Objects. Scaling Objects. Skewing Objects. Reflecting Objects. Using Power Duplicating. Using the Transformation Handles. Constraining Transformations. Aligning Objects.

11. Envelopes and Perspectives.

Working with Envelopes. Using the Perspective Grid.

12. Layers and Layering.

Using the Arrange Commands. Using Paste in Front or Back. Locking and Unlocking Objects. Working with Layers.

13. Working in Color.

Defining Colors. Using the Swatches Panel. Working with Tints. Working with Color Libraries. Using the Xtra Color Commands. Trapping Colors.

14. Fills.

Working with Basic Fills. Working with Gradient Fills. Working with Lens Effects. Creating and Applying Tiled Fills. Using Custom and Textured Fills. Working with Pattern Fills.

15. Strokes.

Setting the Stroke Color. Modifying the Stroke Width. Modifying Caps and Joins. Creating Dashed Strokes. Working with Arrowheads. Specialty Strokes.

16. Brushes.

Creating Artwork for a Brush. Working with Brushes.

17. Blends.

Understanding Blends. Blending Paths. Blending Composite Paths. Modifying Blends. Attaching Blends to a Path. Printing Blends.

18. Basic Text.

Working with Text Blocks. Selecting Text. Changing Character Attributes. Setting Paragraph Attributes. Changing the Space Options. Converting Text Case. Working with Tabs. Working with Rows and Columns. Copyfitting Text. Linking Text. Importing and Exporting Text.

19. Text Tools.

Using the Text Editor. Working with Special Characters. Checking Spelling. Replacing Text. Working with Missing Fonts.

20. Text Effects.

Working with Text on a Path. Special Text Effects. Paragraph Rules. Working with Text and Graphics.

21. Styles.

Defining Styles. Applying and Editing Styles. Using Parent and Child Styles. Importing and Exporting Styles. Displaying Styles.

22. Symbols.

Creating Symbols. Working with Instances. Modifying Symbols. Organizing Symbols. Importing and Exporting Symbols. Changing the Library Display.

23. Automating FreeHand.

Finding and Replacing Graphics. Selecting Graphics. Copying and Pasting Attributes.

24. Xtra Tools.

Using the 3D Rotation Tool. Working with the Fisheye Lens. Using the Smudge Tool. Working with the Shadow Tool. Using the Roughen Tool. Using the Mirror Tool. Working with the Graphic Hose. Working with the Bend Tool. Controlling Xtras.

25. Charts and Graphs.

Creating Charts or Graphs. Formatting Column Graphs. Working with Pie Charts. Working with Pictographs.

26. Raster Images.

Importing Raster Images. Modifying Raster Images. Rasterizing FreeHand Graphics. Linking and Embedding Graphics. Editing Raster Images.

27. Exporting.

Basic Exporting. Exporting as Raster Images. Exporting as Vector Images. Exporting the Other Vector Formats. Adding Image Information.

28. Moving to the Web.

Working with Web-safe Colors. Blending Web-safe Colors. Exporting as Web Graphics. Adding URL Links. Creating HTML Pages.

29. Flash Animations.

Pasting into Flash. Creating Layer-based Animations. Creating Page-based Animations. Page- and Layer-based Animations. Adding Flash Actions. Flash Actions in Action. Testing and Controlling Movies. Exporting a Flash (SWF) File.

30. Basic Printing.

Setting the Basic Print Options. Printing Custom Selections.

31. Advanced Printing.

Using the Print Setup Controls. Setting the Imaging Options. Setting the Separations Options. Saving Print Settings. Collecting for Output.

32. Customizing FreeHand.

Changing the Toolbars. Modifying the Keyboard Shortcuts. Changing the Defaults File. Setting the Preferences.

Appendix A: Keyboard Shortcuts.

Macintosh Keyboard Commands. Windows Keyboard Commands.

Appendix B: Fill and Stroke Displays.

Custom Fills. Textured Fills. Pattern Fills and Strokes. Custom Strokes.

Appendix C: Preferences.

General Preferences. Object Preferences. Text Preferences. Document Preferences. Import Preferences. Export Preferences. Spelling Preferences. Colors Preferences. Panels Preferences. Redraw Preferences. Sounds Preferences (Mac).