iSCSI: The Universal Storage Connection

John L. Hufferd

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  • 出版日期: 2002-11-15
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 368
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  • ISBN: 020178419X
  • ISBN-13: 9780201784190
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iSCSI: The Universal Storage Connection is an informative overview and in-depth guide to the emerging iSCSI standard, the technology that enables data storage, access, and management over networks, intranets, and the Internet. The iSCSI protocol reduces the total cost of ownership of shared storage solutions and enables an organization to tie together disparate systems and data, including both server class systems and laptop and desktop systems. Numerous leading technology companies, including IBM®, Cisco Systems®, and Intel®, are currently supporting iSCSI initiatives.

Written for network and data storage professionals, this comprehensive book introduces iSCSI and explores its growing role within the data storage industry. It describes each element of the technology in detail—from session establishment through error handling—and examines the relationship between iSCSI and the SCSI protocol from which it evolved.

Specific topics discussed include:

  • iSCSI's use in small office, midrange, and high-end settings
  • TCP/IP fundamentals, and how they apply to iSCSI
  • The importance of data integrity
  • New hardware that addresses bandwidth and latency issues
  • iSCSI naming conventions
  • The establishment of a communication path between the host system and storage controller
  • Commands and data sequencing
  • Control of the flow of commands
  • Task management
  • Error handling
  • Companion technologies, including discovery and security processes
  • Backup and disaster preparation
  • iSCSI performance issues

In addition, the book includes an explanation of the technologies that hardware vendors are implementing to permit direct memory placement of iSCSI messages without additional main processor involvement.

A helpful icon appears throughout the book, mapping out appropriate reading tracks based on your technical level.

Comprehensive, clearly written, and organized for easy access, this iSCSI handbook serves as both an excellent starting point for those involved in data storage solutions and a guide to understanding the technically detailed Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) iSCSI Standards document.

Table of Contents

Credits and Disclaimer.
1. The Background of SCSI.
2. The Value and Position of iSCSI.
3. The History of iSCSI.
4. An Overview of iSCSI.
5. Session Establishment.
6. Text Commands and Keyword Processing.
7. Session Management.
8. Command and Data Ordering and Flow.
9. Structure of iSCSI and Relationship to SCSI.
10. Task Management.
11. Error Handling.
12. Companion Processes.
13. Synchronization and Steering.
14. iSCSI Summary and Conclusions.
Appendix A: iSCSI Function PDUs.
Appendix B: Keys and Values.
Appendix C: SCSI Architecture Model.
Appendix D: Numbers, Characters, and Bit Encodings.
Appendix E: Definitions.
Appendix F: Acronyms.
Appendix G. References and Web Pointers.


《iSCSI: The Universal Storage Connection》是一本關於新興iSCSI標準的資訊概述和深入指南,該技術使得數據存儲、訪問和管理能夠在網絡、企業內部網絡和互聯網上進行。iSCSI協議降低了共享存儲解決方案的總擁有成本,使組織能夠將不同的系統和數據(包括服務器級系統、筆記本和桌面系統)聯繫在一起。包括IBM®、思科系統®和英特爾®在內的許多領先技術公司目前都在支持iSCSI項目。


- iSCSI在小型辦公室、中端和高端環境中的應用
- TCP/IP基礎知識及其在iSCSI中的應用
- 數據完整性的重要性
- 解決帶寬和延遲問題的新硬件
- iSCSI命名慣例
- 主機系統和存儲控制器之間通信路徑的建立
- 命令和數據排序
- 命令流的控制
- 任務管理
- 錯誤處理
- 相關技術,包括發現和安全性流程
- 備份和災難準備
- iSCSI性能問題




- 致謝和免責聲明
- 前言
- 第1章 SCSI的背景
- 第2章 iSCSI的價值和地位
- 第3章 iSCSI的歷史
- 第4章 iSCSI概述
- 第5章 會話建立
- 第6章 文本命令和關鍵字處理
- 第7章 會話管理
- 第8章 命令和數據排序和流程
- 第9章 iSCSI的結構和與SCSI的關係
- 第10章 任務管理
- 第11章 錯誤處理
- 第12章 相關流程
- 第13章 同步和導向
- 第14章 iSCSI總結和結論
- 附錄A:iSCSI功能PDU
- 附錄B:鍵和值
- 附錄C:SCSI架構模型
- 附錄D:數字、字符和位編碼
- 附錄E:定義
- 附錄F:縮寫詞
- 附錄G:參考資料和網絡指南