User Interface Design for Mere Mortals

Eric Butow

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  • 出版日期: 2007-05-09
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 312
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0321447735
  • ISBN-13: 9780321447739
  • 相關分類: 使用者介面 UI
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User Interface Design for Mere Mortals takes the mystery out of designing effective interfaces for both desktop and web applications. It is recommended reading for anyone who wants to provide users of their software with interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use. The key to any successful application lies in providing an interface users not only enjoy interacting with but which also saves time, eliminates frustration, and gets the job done with a minimum of effort. Readers will discover the secrets of good interface design by learning how users behave and the expectations that users have of different types of interfaces.


Anyone who reads User Interface Design for Mere Mortals will benefit from

• Gaining an appreciation of the differences in the “look and feel” of interfaces for a variety of systems and platforms

• Learning how to go about designing and creating the most appropriate interface for the application or website being developed

• Becoming familiar with all the different components that make up an interface and the important role that each of those components plays in communicating with users

• Understanding the business benefits that flow from good interface design such as significantly reduced support costs

• Gaining invaluable insights into how users behave, including the seven stages of human interaction with computers

• Working through case study based, in-depth analysis of each of the stages involved in designing a user interface

• Acquiring practical knowledge about the similarities and differences between designing websites and traditional desktop applications

• Learning how to define, conduct, and analyze usability testing

Table of Contents:

Preface xv

Acknowledgments        xvii

About the Author          xix

Introduction      xxv

CHAPTER 1    Brief Histories   1

CHAPTER 2    Concepts and Issues     17

CHAPTER 3    Making the Business Case        59

CHAPTER 4    Good Design    85

CHAPTER 5    How User Behave        113

CHAPTER 6    Analyzing Your Users   135

CHAPER 7      Designing a User Interface        163

CHAPTER 8    Designing a Web Site    197

CHAPTER 9    Usability           225

APPENDIX A Answers to Review Questions   253

APPENDIX B Recommended Reading            265

Glossary           267

References       273

Index    275


《User Interface Design for Mere Mortals》將設計桌面和網頁應用程式的有效介面設計之謎解開。這本書建議所有希望為他們的軟體使用者提供直觀且易於使用的介面的人閱讀。任何成功應用程式的關鍵在於提供一個使用者不僅享受互動,而且節省時間、消除挫折並以最少的努力完成工作的介面。讀者將通過了解使用者行為和不同類型介面的使用者期望,發現良好介面設計的秘訣。

閱讀《User Interface Design for Mere Mortals》的任何人都將受益於以下方面:
- 了解各種系統和平台介面的「外觀和感覺」的差異
- 學習如何設計和創建最適合正在開發的應用程式或網站的介面
- 熟悉構成介面的各種組件以及每個組件在與使用者溝通中的重要角色
- 理解良好介面設計帶來的業務效益,例如大幅降低支援成本
- 獲得有關使用者行為的寶貴見解,包括人類與電腦互動的七個階段
- 通過案例研究進行深入分析,了解設計使用者介面所涉及的每個階段
- 獲得關於設計網站和傳統桌面應用程式之間相似性和差異性的實用知識
- 學習如何定義、進行和分析可用性測試

《User Interface Design for Mere Mortals》的目錄如下:
- 序言
- 致謝
- 關於作者
- 引言
- 第1章:簡要歷史
- 第2章:概念和問題
- 第3章:提出商業案例
- 第4章:良好設計
- 第5章:使用者行為
- 第6章:分析使用者
- 第7章:設計使用者介面
- 第8章:設計網站