Chained Exploits: Advanced Hacking Attacks from Start to Finish (Paperback)

Andrew Whitaker, Keatron Evans, Jack Voth

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  • 出版日期: 2008-11-01
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  • ISBN-13: 9780321498816
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The complete guide to today’s hard-to-defend chained attacks: performing them and preventing them


Nowadays, it’s rare for malicious hackers to rely on just one exploit or tool; instead, they use “chained” exploits that integrate multiple forms of attack to achieve their goals. Chained exploits are far more complex and far more difficult to defend. Few security or hacking books cover them well and most don’t cover them at all. Now there’s a book that brings together start-to-finish information about today’s most widespread chained exploits–both how to perform them and how to prevent them.


Chained Exploits demonstrates this advanced hacking attack technique through detailed examples that reflect real-world attack strategies, use today’s most common attack tools, and focus on actual high-value targets, including credit card and healthcare data. Relentlessly thorough and realistic, this book covers the full spectrum of attack avenues, from wireless networks to physical access and social engineering.


Writing for security, network, and other IT professionals, the authors take you through each attack, one step at a time, and then introduce today’s most effective countermeasures— both technical and human. Coverage includes:

  • Constructing convincing new phishing attacks
  • Discovering which sites other Web users are visiting
  • Wreaking havoc on IT security via wireless networks
  • Disrupting competitors’ Web sites
  • Performing–and preventing–corporate espionage
  • Destroying secure files
  • Gaining access to private healthcare records
  • Attacking the viewers of social networking pages
  • Creating entirely new exploits
  • and more


Andrew Whitaker, Director of Enterprise InfoSec and Networking for Training Camp, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek. He coauthored Penetration Testing and Network Defense. Andrew was a winner of EC Council’s Instructor of Excellence Award.


Keatron Evans is President and Chief Security Consultant of Blink Digital Security, LLC, a trainer for Training Camp, and winner of EC Council’s Instructor of Excellence Award.


Jack B. Voth specializes in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and perimeter security. He co-owns The Client Server, Inc., and teaches for Training Camp throughout the United States and abroad.

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《Chained Exploits》通過具體的例子展示了這種高級駭客攻擊技術,這些例子反映了現實世界的攻擊策略,使用了當今最常見的攻擊工具,並專注於實際的高價值目標,包括信用卡和醫療保健數據。這本書非常詳盡和寫實,涵蓋了從無線網絡到物理訪問和社交工程等攻擊途徑的全譜。作者針對安全、網絡和其他IT專業人士逐步介紹每一種攻擊,然後介紹當今最有效的技術和人為對策。內容包括:

- 構建令人信服的新釣魚攻擊
- 發現其他網絡用戶正在訪問的網站
- 通過無線網絡對IT安全造成破壞
- 破壞競爭對手的網站
- 執行和預防企業間諜活動
- 摧毀安全文件
- 獲取私人醫療記錄的訪問權限
- 攻擊社交網絡頁面的觀眾
- 創建全新的攻擊方式
- 等等

Andrew Whitaker是Training Camp的企業信息安全和網絡主管,曾在《華爾街日報》和《商業周刊》上亮相。他是《Penetration Testing and Network Defense》的合著者,並獲得了EC Council的優秀教師獎。

Keatron Evans是Blink Digital Security, LLC的總裁和首席安全顧問,也是Training Camp的培訓師,並獲得了EC Council的優秀教師獎。

Jack B. Voth專注於滲透測試、漏洞評估和邊界安全。他是The Client Server, Inc.的共同擁有人,並在美國和國外為Training Camp授課。

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