Agile Software Engineering with Visual Studio: From Concept to Continuous Feedback, 2/e (Paperback)

Sam Guckenheimer, Neno Loje



“Agile dominates projects increasingly from IT to product and business development, and Sam Guckenheimer and Neno Loje provide pragmatic context for users seeking clarity and specifics with this book. Their knowledge of past history and current practice, combined with acuity and details about Visual Studio’s agile capabilities, enable a precise path to execution. Yet their voice and advice remain non-dogmatic and wise. Their examples are clear and relevant, enabling a valuable perspective to those seeking a broad and deep historical background along with a definitive understanding of the way in which Visual Studio can incorporate agile approaches.”
–Melinda Ballou, Program Director, Application Lifecycle Management and Executive Strategies Service, International Data Corporation (IDC)


“Sam Guckenheimer and Neno Loje have forgotten more about software development processes than most development ‘gurus’ ever knew, and that’s a good thing! In Agile Software Engineering with Visual Studio, Sam and Neno distill the essence of years of hard-won experience and hundreds of pages of process theory into what really matters–the techniques that high performance software teams use to get stuff done. By combining these critical techniques with examples of how they work in Visual Studio, they created a de-facto user guide that no Visual Studio developer should be without.”
–Jeffrey Hammond, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research


“If you employ Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server and are considering Agile projects, this text will give you a sound foundation of the principles behind its agile template and the choices you will need to make. The insights from Microsoft’s own experience in adopting agile help illustrate challenges with scale and the issues beyond pure functionality that a team needs to deal with. This book pulls together into one location a wide set of knowledge and practices to create a solid foundation to guide the decisions and effective transition, and will be a valuable addition to any team manager’s bookshelf.”
–Thomas Murphy, Research Director, Gartner


“This book presents software practices you should want to implement on your team and the tools available to do so. It paints a picture of how first class teams can work, and in my opinion, is a must read for anyone involved in software development. It will be mandatory reading for all our consultants.”
–Claude Remillard, President, InCycle


“This book is the perfect tool for teams and organizations implementing agile practices using Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle Management platform. It proves disciplined engineering and agility are not at odds; each needs the other to be truly effective.”
–David Starr,


“Sam Guckenheimer and Neno Loje have written a very practical book on how Agile teams can optimize their practices with Visual Studio. It describes not only how Agile and Visual Studio work, but also the motivation and context for many of the functions provided in the platform. If you are using Agile and Visual Studio, this book should be a required read for everyone on the team. If you are not using Agile or Visual Studio, then reading this book will describe a place that perhaps you want to get to with your process and tools.”
–Dave West, Analyst, Forrester Research


“Sam Guckenheimer and Neno Loje are leading authorities on agile methods and Visual Studio. The book you are holding in your hand is the authoritative way to bring these two technologies together. If you are a Visual Studio user doing agile, this book is a must read.”
–Dr. James A. Whittaker, Software Engineering Director Google


“Agile development practices are a core part of modern software development. Drawing from our own lessons in adopting agile practices at Microsoft, Sam Guckenheimer and Neno Loje not only outline the benefits, but also deliver a hands-on, practical guide to implementing those practices in teams of any size. This book will help your team get up and running in no time!”
–Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation


Using agile methods and the tools of Visual Studio 2010, development teams can deliver higher-value software faster, systematically eliminate waste, and increase transparency throughout the entire development lifecycle. Now, Microsoft Visual Studio product owner Sam Guckenheimer and leading Visual Studio implementation consultant Neno Loje show how to make the most of Microsoft’s new Visual Studio 2010 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools in your environment.


This book is the definitive guide to the application of agile development with Scrum and modern software engineering practices using Visual Studio 2010. You’ll learn how to use Visual Studio 2010 to empower and engage multidisciplinary, self-managing teams and provide the transparency they need to maximize productivity. Along the way, Guckenheimer and Loje help you overcome every major impediment that leads to stakeholder dissatisfaction–from mismatched schedules to poor quality, blocked builds to irreproducible bugs, and technology “silos” to geographic “silos.”


Coverage includes
• Accelerating the “flow of value” to customers in any software project, no matter how large or complex
• Empowering high-performance software teams and removing overhead in software delivery
• Automating “burndowns” and using dashboards to gain a real-time, multidimensional view of quality and progress
• Using Visual Studio 2010 to reduce or eliminate “no repro” bugs
• Automating deployment and virtualizing test labs to make continuous builds deployable
• Using Test Impact Analysis to quickly choose the right tests based on recent code changes
• Working effectively with sources, branches, and backlogs across distributed teams
• Sharing code, build automation, test, project and other data across .NET and Java teams
• Uncovering hidden architectural patterns in legacy software, so you can refactor changes more confidently
• Scaling Scrum to large, distributed organizations


Whatever your discipline, this book will help you use Visual Studio 2010 to focus on what really matters: building software that delivers exceptional value sooner and keeps customers happy far into the future.



「敏捷開發在IT到產品和業務發展中的地位越來越重要,Sam Guckenheimer和Neno Loje在這本書中為尋求明確和具體指南的使用者提供了實用的背景知識。他們對過去歷史和當前實踐的了解,再加上對Visual Studio敏捷能力的敏銳洞察和細節,為執行提供了精確的路徑。然而,他們的聲音和建議仍然不教條,充滿智慧。他們的例子清晰而相關,為那些尋求廣泛而深入的歷史背景和對Visual Studio如何融入敏捷方法的明確理解的人提供了寶貴的觀點。」
- Melinda Ballou,國際數據公司(IDC)應用生命周期管理和執行策略服務計劃總監

「Sam Guckenheimer和Neno Loje對軟件開發流程的了解比大多數開發'大師'更多,這是一件好事!在《使用Visual Studio進行敏捷軟件工程》一書中,Sam和Neno將多年來的寶貴經驗和數百頁的流程理論精髓提煉出來,重點是高效軟件團隊用於完成工作的技巧。通過將這些關鍵技巧與它們在Visual Studio中的工作示例相結合,他們創造了一本任何Visual Studio開發人員都不能缺少的實用指南。」
- Jeffrey Hammond,福雷斯特研究公司首席分析師

「如果您使用Microsoft的Team Foundation Server並考慮敏捷項目,本書將為您提供其敏捷模板背後原則的堅實基礎以及您需要做出的選擇。來自Microsoft在採用敏捷方面的經驗的見解有助於說明規模和純功能之外的挑戰,團隊需要處理的問題。本書將廣泛的知識和實踐集合到一個地方,為指導決策和有效過渡提供了堅實的基礎,對於任何團隊經理來說都是一個寶貴的補充。」
- Thomas Murphy,Gartner研究總監

- Claude Remillard,InCycle總裁

- David Starr,

「Sam Guckenheimer和Neno Loje在敏捷方法和Visual Studio方面是領先的權威。他們寫了一本非常實用的書,介紹了敏捷團隊如何通過Visual Studio優化他們的實踐。它不僅描述了敏捷和Visual Studio的工作方式,還描述了平台提供的許多功能的動機和背景。如果您正在使用敏捷和Visual Studio,那麼每個團隊成員都應該閱讀這本書。如果您沒有使用敏捷或Visual Studio,閱讀本書將描述一個您希望在流程和工具方面達到的地方。」
- Dave West,福雷斯特研究公司分析師