Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012: Adopting Agile Software Practices: From Backlog to Continuous Feedback, 3/e (Paperback)

Sam Guckenheimer, Neno Loje

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  • 出版日期: 2012-09-21
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0321864875
  • ISBN-13: 9780321864871
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Use Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server 2012 and Agile Methods to Deliver Higher Value Software Faster
This is the definitive guide to applying agile development and modern software engineering practices with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012--Microsoft's complementary Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform. Written by the Microsoft Visual Studio product owner and a long-time Team Foundation Server implementation specialist, it focuses on solving real development challenges, systematically eliminating waste, improving transparency, and delivering better software more quickly and painlessly. 
Coverage includes
* Accelerating the "flow of value" to customers, with a transparent backlog, PowerPoint Storyboarding, VS 2012 feedback requests, and a "usability lab" right into your customers' hands
* Driving quality upstream to uncover hidden architectural patterns, ensure cleaner code, fix multiple recurring "cloned" bugs at once, ensure the definition of done with continuous integration and deployment in a reliable build process
* Eliminating "no repro" bugs with VS 2012's six powerful mechanisms for more accurate fault identification and use of virtualized test environments
* Using Scrum or other Agile methods with Process Templates effectively across distributed teams in large organization by automating burndowns and dashboards to identify "early warning signals" of emerging problems with quality or maintainability
* Staying in the groove by storing the state of your work and environment with shelvesets, to let you handle interruptions smoothly
* Leveraging VS 2012's new support for multiple Microsoft and open source unit testing frameworks in your IDE and continuous integration pipeline
* Performing exploratory testing to uncover bugs in surprising places and testing immersive Windows 8 apps
* Rapidly improving team development and collaboration with the hosted Team Foundation Service
Whatever your development role, this book will help you apply modern software development practices using Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 to focus on what really matters: building soft­ware that begins delivering exceptional value sooner and keeps delighting customers far into the future.


使用Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server 2012和敏捷方法,以更快地交付更高價值的軟體

這是一本關於如何應用敏捷開發和現代軟體工程實踐的權威指南,使用Microsoft的補充應用生命週期管理(ALM)平台Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012。本書由Microsoft Visual Studio產品負責人和長期的Team Foundation Server實施專家共同撰寫,專注於解決真實的開發挑戰,系統地消除浪費,提高透明度,並更快、更輕鬆地交付更好的軟體。

* 通過透明的待辦事項清單、PowerPoint故事板、VS 2012反饋請求和將“可用性實驗室”直接交到客戶手中,加速向客戶交付“價值流”
* 在上游驗證隱藏的架構模式,確保更乾淨的程式碼,同時修復多個重複出現的“複製”錯誤,通過持續整合和部署的可靠構建流程確保完成定義
* 使用VS 2012的六種強大機制來消除“無法重現”的錯誤,並使用虛擬化測試環境進行更準確的錯誤識別
* 通過自動化燒盡圖和儀表板,在大型組織中有效地使用Scrum或其他敏捷方法,以識別出質量或可維護性問題的“早期警告信號”
* 通過存儲工作和環境的狀態,使用shelvesets來平滑處理中斷
* 利用VS 2012在IDE和持續整合流程中對多種Microsoft和開源單元測試框架的新支援
* 進行探索性測試,以發現出人意料的錯誤,並測試沉浸式的Windows 8應用程式
* 通過托管的Team Foundation Service快速改善團隊開發和協作

無論您的開發角色是什麼,本書都將幫助您使用Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012應用現代軟體開發實踐,專注於真正重要的事情:建立能夠更早交付卓越價值並持續讓客戶滿意的軟體。