Foundations of Software and System Performance Engineering: Process, Performance Modeling, Requirements, Testing, Scalability, and Practice (Paperback)

André B. Bondi

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  • 出版日期: 2014-08-08
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  • ISBN-13: 9780321833822
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“If this book had been available to’s contractors, and they read and followed its life cycle performance processes, there would not have been the enormous problems apparent in that application. In my 40+ years of experience in building leading-edge products, poor performance is the single most frequent cause of the failure or cancellation of software-intensive projects. This book provides techniques and skills necessary to implement performance engineering at the beginning of a project and manage it throughout the product’s life cycle. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Don Shafer, CSDP, Technical Fellow, Athens Group, LLC


Poor performance is a frequent cause of software project failure. Performance engineering can be extremely challenging. In Foundations of Software and System Performance Engineering, leading software performance expert Dr. André Bondi helps you create effective performance requirements up front, and then architect, develop, test, and deliver systems that meet them.


Drawing on many years of experience at Siemens, AT&T Labs, Bell Laboratories, and two startups, Bondi offers practical guidance for every software stakeholder and development team participant. He shows you how to define and use metrics; plan for diverse workloads; evaluate scalability, capacity, and responsiveness; and test both individual components and entire systems. Throughout, Bondi helps you link performance engineering with everything else you do in the software life cycle, so you can achieve the right performance–now and in the future–at lower cost and with less pain.


This guide will help you

• Mitigate the business and engineering risk associated with poor system performance

• Specify system performance requirements in business and engineering terms

• Identify metrics for comparing performance requirements with actual performance

• Verify the accuracy of measurements

• Use simple mathematical models to make predictions, plan performance tests, and anticipate the impact of changes to the system or the load placed upon it

• Avoid common performance and scalability mistakes

• Clarify business and engineering needs to be satisfied by given levels of throughput and response time

• Incorporate performance engineering into agile processes

• Help stakeholders of a system make better performance-related decisions

• Manage stakeholders’ expectations about system performance throughout the software life cycle, and deliver a software product with quality performance


André B. Bondi is a senior staff engineer at Siemens Corp., Corporate Technologies in Princeton, New Jersey. His specialties include performance requirements, performance analysis, modeling, simulation, and testing. Bondi has applied his industrial and academic experience to the solution of performance issues in many problem domains. In addition to holding a doctorate in computer science and a master’s in statistics, he is a Certified Scrum Master.


「如果 的承包商能夠使用這本書並遵循其中的生命週期性能流程,那麼該應用程式中明顯存在的巨大問題就不會出現了。在我超過40年的領先產品建立經驗中,性能不佳是軟體密集型專案失敗或取消的最常見原因。這本書提供了在專案開始時實施性能工程並在產品的整個生命週期中管理它所需的技術和技能。我非常推薦它。」
- Don Shafer, CSDP, Technical Fellow, Athens Group, LLC

性能不佳是軟體專案失敗的常見原因。性能工程可能非常具有挑戰性。在《Foundations of Software and System Performance Engineering》這本書中,領先的軟體性能專家 Dr. André Bondi 幫助您在專案初期創建有效的性能需求,並在架構、開發、測試和交付系統時滿足這些需求。

Bondi 在西門子、AT&T Labs、貝爾實驗室和兩家初創公司的多年經驗中,為每個軟體利益相關者和開發團隊成員提供了實用的指導。他向您展示如何定義和使用指標;規劃多樣化的工作負載;評估可擴展性、容量和響應能力;以及測試個別組件和整個系統。在整個過程中,Bondi 幫助您將性能工程與軟體生命週期中的其他工作相結合,以便以更低的成本和更少的痛苦實現正確的性能,現在和將來。

- 減輕與系統性能不佳相關的業務和工程風險
- 以業務和工程術語指定系統性能需求
- 確定用於比較性能需求與實際性能的指標
- 驗證測量的準確性
- 使用簡單的數學模型進行預測、規劃性能測試,並預測對系統或負載的變更的影響
- 避免常見的性能和可擴展性錯誤
- 澄清通過特定吞吐量和響應時間滿足的業務和工程需求
- 將性能工程納入敏捷流程
- 幫助系統利益相關者做出更好的與性能相關的決策
- 在軟體生命週期中管理利益相關者對系統性能的期望,並交付具有優質性能的軟體產品

André B. Bondi 是新澤西州普林斯頓的西門子公司企業技術部的高級工程師。他的專長包括性能需求、性能分析、建模、模擬和測試。Bondi 將他的工業和學術經驗應用於解決許多問題領域的性能問題。除了擁有計算機科學博士學位和統計學碩士學位外,他還是一位認證 Scrum Master。