WebGL Programming Guide: Interactive 3D Graphics Programming with WebGL (Paperback)

Kouichi Matsuda, Rodger Lea



Using WebGL®, you can create sophisticated interactive 3D graphics inside web browsers, without plug-ins. WebGL makes it possible to build a new generation of 3D web games, user interfaces, and information visualization solutions that will run on any standard web browser, and on PCs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, or other devices. WebGL Programming Guide will help you get started quickly with interactive WebGL 3D programming, even if you have no prior knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, 3D graphics, mathematics, or OpenGL.


You’ll learn step-by-step, through realistic examples, building your skills as you move from simple to complex solutions for building visually appealing web pages and 3D applications with WebGL. Media, 3D graphics, and WebGL pioneers Dr. Kouichi Matsuda and Dr. Rodger Lea offer easy-to-understand tutorials on key aspects of WebGL, plus 100 downloadable sample programs, each demonstrating a specific WebGL topic.


You’ll move from basic techniques such as rendering, animating, and texturing triangles, all the way to advanced techniques such as fogging, shadowing, shader switching, and displaying 3D models generated by Blender or other authoring tools. This book won’t just teach you WebGL best practices, it will give you a library of code to jumpstart your own projects.


Coverage includes:

• WebGL’s origin, core concepts, features, advantages, and integration with other web standards
• How and basic WebGL functions work together to deliver 3D graphics
• Shader development with OpenGL ES Shading Language (GLSL ES)
• 3D scene drawing: representing user views, controlling space volume, clipping, object creation, and perspective
• Achieving greater realism through lighting and hierarchical objects
• Advanced techniques: object manipulation, heads-up displays, alpha blending, shader switching, and more
• Valuable reference appendixes covering key issues ranging from coordinate systems to matrices and shader loading to web browser settings


This is the newest text in the OpenGL Technical Library, Addison-Wesley’s definitive collection of programming guides an reference manuals for OpenGL and its related technologies. The Library enables programmers to gain a practical understanding of OpenGL and the other Khronos application-programming libraries including OpenGL ES and OpenCL. All of the technologies in the OpenGL Technical Library evolve under the auspices of the Khronos Group, the industry consortium guiding the evolution of modern, open-standards media APIs.


使用WebGL®,您可以在網頁瀏覽器中創建複雜的互動式3D圖形,無需插件。WebGL使得在任何標準網頁瀏覽器上運行的PC、智能手機、平板電腦、遊戲機或其他設備上構建新一代的3D網頁遊戲、用戶界面和信息可視化解決方案成為可能。《WebGL編程指南》將幫助您快速入門互動式WebGL 3D編程,即使您沒有HTML5、JavaScript、3D圖形、數學或OpenGL的先備知識。

通過逼真的示例,您將逐步學習,從簡單到複雜的解決方案,建立您的技能,用於使用WebGL構建視覺上吸引人的網頁和3D應用程序。媒體、3D圖形和WebGL先驅者Kouichi Matsuda博士和Rodger Lea博士提供易於理解的WebGL關鍵方面的教程,以及100個可下載的示例程序,每個示例演示特定的WebGL主題。


• WebGL的起源、核心概念、特點、優勢以及與其他網頁標準的集成
• 和基本WebGL函數如何共同提供3D圖形
• 使用OpenGL ES着色語言(GLSL ES)進行着色器開發
• 3D場景繪製:表示用戶視圖、控制空間體積、裁剪、對象創建和透視
• 通過照明和分層對象實現更高的真實感
• 高級技術:對象操作、頭部顯示、透明混合、着色器切換等
• 有價值的參考附錄,涵蓋從坐標系統到矩陣和着色器加載到網頁瀏覽器設置等關鍵問題

這是OpenGL技術圖書館中最新的一本書,Addison-Wesley的OpenGL和相關技術的編程指南和參考手冊的權威收藏。該圖書館使程序員能夠實際理解OpenGL和其他Khronos應用程序編程庫,包括OpenGL ES和OpenCL。OpenGL技術圖書館中的所有技術都在Khronos Group的指導下發展,該組織是引導現代開放標準媒體API發展的行業協會。