Concise Managerial Statistics (IE) (美國版ISBN:0324223889)

Alan H. Kvanli, Robert J. Pavur, Kellie B. Keeling




A powerful business statistics textbook has arrived. With CONCISE MANAGERIAL STATISTICS, you'll learn business statistics on a higher level than ever before, but without the complicated math. And because the textbook completely interfaces with your home spreadsheet and graphing programs, you'll be able to work from any location on the exercises and chapter reviews. Plus, this volume comes with InfoTrac® College Edition, ehivh lets you do free in-depth research right from your computer on more than 18 million full-length articles from 5,000 academic and popular periodicals (including The New York Times, Newsweek, Science, Forbes, and USA Today) which saves you time and money!


一本強大的商業統計教科書已經問世。通過《簡明管理統計學》,您將以比以往更高的水平學習商業統計,而無需繁瑣的數學計算。由於該教科書完全與您的家用電子表格和圖形繪製程序相互配合,您將能夠在任何地點進行練習和章節回顧。此外,該教材還附帶InfoTrac® College Edition,讓您可以從計算機上免費深入研究來自5000多份學術和流行期刊的1800多萬篇全文文章(包括《紐約時報》、《新聞週刊》、《科學》、《福布斯》和《今日美國》),這將為您節省時間和金錢!