Statistics for Business and Economics, 14/e (Paperback)

David R. Anderson , Dennis J. Sweeney , Thomas A. Williams , Jeffrey D. Camm , James J. Cochran , Michael J. Fry , Jeffrey W. Ohlmann




Changes in the 14th Edition
We appreciate the acceptance and positive response to the previous editions of Statistics for Business and Economics. Accordingly, in making modifications for this new edition, we have maintained the presentation style and readability of those editions. There have been many changes made throughout the text to enhance its educational effectiveness. The most substantial changes in the new edition are summarized here.
Content Revisions
Software. In addition to step-by-slep instructions in the software appendices for Excel 2016, we also provide instructions for JMP Student Edition 14 and R. This provides students exposure to and experience with the current versions of several of the most commonly used software for statistical analysis in business. Excel 2016 and JMP appendices are contained within the textbook chapters, while R appendices are provided in MindTap Reader. In this latest edition, we no longer provide discussion of the use of Minitab.
Case Problems. We have added 12 new case problems in this edition; the total number of cases is now 42. One new case on graphical display has been added to Chapter 2. Two new cases using discrete probability distributions have been added to Chapter 5, and one new case using continuous probability distributions has been added to Chapter 6. A new case on hypothesis testing has been added to Chapter 11, and two new cases on testing proportions have been added to Chapter 12. The Chapter 16 case on regression model building has been updated. A new case utilizing nonparametric procedures has been added to Chapter 18, and a new case on sample survey has been added to Chapter 22. The 42 case problems in this book provide students the opportunity to work on more complex problems, analyze larger data sets, and prepare managerial reports based on the results of their analyses.
Examples and Exercises Based on Real Data. In this edition, we have added headers to all Applications exercises to make the application of each problem more obvious. We continue to make a substantial effort to update our text examples and exercises with the most current real data and referenced sources of statistical information. We have added more than 160 new examples and exercises based on real data and referenced sources. Using data from sources also used by The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Financial Times, and others, we have drawn from actual studies and applications to develop explanations and create exercises that demonstrate the many uses of statistics in business and economics. We believe that the use of real data from interesting and relevant problems helps generate more student interest in the material and enables the student to learn about both statistical methodology and its application. The 14th edition contains more than 350 examples and exercises based on real data.


●TRUSTED TEAM OF DISTINGUISHED AUTHORS ENSURES THE MOST ACCURATE, PROVEN PRESENTATION. Prominent leaders and active consultants in business and statistics, authors David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams, Jeffrey D. Camm, James J. Cochran, Michael J. Fry and Jeffrey W. Ohlmann deliver an accurate, real-world presentation of statistical concepts you can trust with every edition.

●SYSTEMATIC APPROACH EMPHASIZES PROVEN METHODS AND APPLICATIONS. Students first develop a computational foundation and thoroughly master the use of techniques before moving to statistical application and interpretation of the value of techniques. Methods Exercises at the end of each section stress computation and use of formulas, while Application Exercises require students to apply what they know about statistics to real-world problems



● 軟體。除了針對Excel 2016的軟體附錄提供逐步指導外,我們還提供了JMP Student Edition 14和R的指導。這使學生能夠接觸和熟悉商業統計分析中最常用的幾個軟體的最新版本。Excel 2016和JMP的附錄包含在教科書章節中,而R的附錄則提供在MindTap Reader中。在這最新版中,我們不再討論Minitab的使用。
● 案例問題。本版新增了12個新的案例問題,總數達到42個。第2章新增了一個關於圖形顯示的案例。第5章新增了兩個使用離散概率分佈的案例,第6章新增了一個使用連續概率分佈的案例。第11章新增了一個關於假設檢定的案例,第12章新增了兩個關於比例檢定的案例。第16章關於迴歸模型建立的案例已經更新。第18章新增了一個使用非參數程序的案例,第22章新增了一個關於樣本調查的案例。本書的42個案例問題為學生提供了處理更複雜問題、分析更大數據集並根據分析結果準備管理報告的機會。
● 基於真實數據的例子和練習。在本版中,我們為所有應用練習添加了標題,以使每個問題的應用更加明顯。我們繼續努力使用最新的真實數據和統計信息來更新我們的文本例子和練習,並提供相關的數據來源。我們新增了160多個基於真實數據和相關數據來源的例子和練習。我們使用了《華爾街日報》、《今日美國》、《金融時報》等媒體使用的數據來源,從實際研究和應用中提取出解釋和練習,以展示統計在商業和經濟中的多種應用。我們相信,使用有趣且相關問題的真實數據有助於激發學生對材料的興趣,並使學生能夠了解統計方法論及其應用。第14版包含了350多個基於真實數據的例子和練習。


● 受人尊敬的傑出作者團隊確保最準確、經過驗證的呈現。商業和統計領域的知名領導者和活躍顧問,作者David R. Anderson、Dennis J. Sweeney、Thomas A. Williams、Jeffrey D. Camm、James J. Cochran、Michael J. Fry和Jeffrey W. Ohlmann以每一版都提供準確、現實世界的統計概念呈現,讓讀者可以信賴。

● 系統化的方法強調經過驗證的方法和應用。學生首先建立計算基礎,徹底掌握技巧的使用,然後再轉向統計應用和對技巧價值的解釋。每個章節結束時的方法練習強調計算和公式的使用,而應用練習要求學生將他們對統計的了解應用於現實世界的問題中。


1.Data and Statistics.
2.Descriptive Statistics: Tabular and Graphical Displays.
3.Descriptive Statistics: Numerical Measures.
4.Introduction to Probability.
5.Discrete Probability Distributions.
6.Continuous Probability Distributions.
7.Sampling and Sampling Distributions.
8.Interval Estimation.
9.Hypothesis Tests.
10.Inference about Means and Proportions with Two Populations.
11.Inferences about Population Variances.
12.Comparing Multiple Proportions, Test of Independence and Goodness of Fit.
13.Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance.
14.Simple Linear Regression.
15.Multiple Regression.
16.Regression Analysis: Model Building.
17.Time Series Analysis and Forecasting.
18.Nonparametric Methods.
19.Decision Analysis
20.Index Numbers.
21.Statistical Methods for Quality Control.
22.Sample Survey (MindTap Reader).
Appendix A.References and Bibliography.
Appendix B.Tables.
Appendix C.Summation Notation.
Appendix D.Answers to Even–Numbered Exercises (MindTap Reader).
Appendix E.Microsoft Excel 2016 and Tools for Statistical Analysis.
Appendix F.Computing p-Values Using JMP and Excel.


22.樣本調查(MindTap Reader)。
附錄D.偶數編號練習的答案(MindTap Reader)。
附錄E.Microsoft Excel 2016和統計分析工具。