Principles of Information Systems, 9/e

Ralph Stair, George Reynolds



Now thoroughly streamlined and revised, PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Ninth Edition, retains the overall vision and framework that made the previous editions so popular while eliminating outdated topics and updating information, examples, and case studies. In just 600 pages, accomplished authors Ralph Stair and George Reynolds cover IS principles and their real-world applications using timely, current business examples and hands-on activities. Regardless of their majors, students can use this book to understand and practice IS principles so they can function more effectively as workers, managers, decision makers, and organizational leaders.


經過全面精簡和修訂,第九版的《資訊系統原理》保留了前幾版廣受歡迎的整體視野和框架,同時淘汰了過時的主題,並更新了資訊、範例和案例研究。在僅僅600頁的篇幅中,作者Ralph Stair和George Reynolds介紹了資訊系統原理及其在實際應用中的運用,並提供了及時、當前的商業範例和實踐活動。無論他們的專業是什麼,學生都可以使用這本書來理解和實踐資訊系統原理,以便在工作、管理、決策和組織領導方面更有效地發揮作用。