Understanding Computers: Today & Tomorrow, 2009 Update (Paperback)

Deborah Morley


Today's readers gain a well-rounded, classic introduction to today's computer concepts with a modern twist when they pick up Morley's UNDERSTANDING COMPUTERS: TODAY & TOMORROW, 2009 UPDATE, 12E. This edition reflects the latest breaking and most relevant technology news to ensure a comprehensive, current knowledge of computer concepts and issues for success in today's techoecentric society. Top-name industry experts from companies, such as Nokia, IBM, and MS Windows Vista, provide insights and personal experiences that emphasize the relevance of the material within the text. The book's reader-friendly writing style, Module organization that connects topics to one another, and the author's emphasis on some of today's most timely technology-societal issues keep readers engaged throughout. UNDERSTANDING COMPUTERS: TODAY & TOMORROW, 2009 UPDATE, 12E provides a thorough understanding of computer concepts that will serve today's readers well today and throughout your future.


當讀者閱讀莫利的《理解電腦:今日與明日,2009年更新版,第12版》時,他們將獲得一個全面且經典的電腦概念介紹,並帶有現代的轉折。這個版本反映了最新和最相關的技術新聞,以確保對電腦概念和問題的全面、時下的知識,以在當今科技中心的社會中取得成功。來自諸如諾基亞、IBM和MS Windows Vista等公司的頂尖行業專家提供了深入見解和個人經驗,強調了教材內容的相關性。本書以讀者友好的寫作風格、模塊化組織將主題相互聯繫以及作者對一些當今最及時的技術社會問題的強調,使讀者始終保持參與感。《理解電腦:今日與明日,2009年更新版,第12版》提供了對電腦概念的全面理解,將為今天的讀者以及未來的讀者提供良好的服務。