Internet Infrastructure: Networking, Web Services, and Cloud Computing

Fox, Richard, Hao, Wei


Internet Infrastructure: Networking, Web Services, and Cloud Computing provides a comprehensive introduction to networks and the Internet from several perspectives: the underlying media, the protocols, the hardware, the servers, and their uses. The material in the text is divided into concept chapters that are followed up with case study chapters that examine how to install, configure, and secure a server that offers the given service discussed.



The book covers in detail the Bind DNS name server, the Apache web server, and the Squid proxy server. It also provides background on those servers by discussing DNS, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, digital certificates and encryption, web caches, and the variety of protocols that support web caching.





Introductory networking content, as well as advanced Internet content, is also included in chapters on networks, LANs and WANs, TCP/IP, TCP/IP tools, cloud computing, and an examination of the Amazon Cloud Service.





Online resources include supplementary content that is available via the textbook's companion website, as well useful resources for faculty and students alike, including: a complete lab manual; power point notes, for installing, configuring, securing and experimenting with many of the servers discussed in the text; power point notes; animation tutorials to illustrate some of the concepts; two appendices; and complete input/output listings for the example Amazon cloud operations covered in the book.





本書詳細介紹了Bind DNS名稱伺服器、Apache網頁伺服器和Squid代理伺服器。同時,還通過討論DNS、DHCP、HTTP、HTTPS、數字證書和加密、網頁快取以及支援網頁快取的各種協議,提供了有關這些伺服器的背景知識。




Richard Fox is a professor of computer science at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) who regularly teaches courses in both computer science and computer information technology, Dr. Fox, who has been at NKU since 2001, is the current chair of NKU's University Curriculum Committee. Prior to NKU, Dr. Fox taught for 9 years at the University of Texas - Pan American. He has received two Teaching Excellence awards, from the University of Texas - Pan American in 2000 and from Northern Kentucky University in 2012, and NKU's University Service award in 2016. This is Dr. Fox's third textbook. He is also author or co-author of over 50 peer reviewed research articles, primarily in the area of Artificial Intelligence.








Wei Hao is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Northern Kentucky University (NKU). He came to NKU in August 2008 from Cisco Systems in San Jose, California, where he worked as a software engineer. He also worked for Motorola and Alcatel, where he co-invented a patent.





Wei has 38 peer-reviewed publications in scholarly journals and conference proceedings. His research interests include Web Technologies, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Computing. He won the Faculty Excellent Performance in Scholarly or Creative Activity Award from NKU in 2012. Dr. Hao teaches a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science and computer information technology.




Richard Fox是北肯塔基大學(NKU)的計算機科學教授,經常教授計算機科學和計算機信息技術課程。Fox博士自2001年以來一直在NKU任教,目前是NKU大學課程委員會的主席。在加入NKU之前,Fox博士在德克薩斯州巴拿馬大學任教了9年。他曾獲得兩次教學卓越獎,分別是2000年德克薩斯州巴拿馬大學頒發的和2012年北肯塔基大學頒發的,並於2016年獲得NKU大學服務獎。這是Fox博士的第三本教科書。他還是50多篇同行評審的研究文章的作者或合著者,主要研究領域是人工智能。

Wei Hao是北肯塔基大學(NKU)的計算機科學副教授。他於2008年8月從加利福尼亞州聖荷西的思科系統公司來到NKU,曾擔任軟件工程師。他還曾在摩托羅拉和阿爾卡特工作,並共同發明了一項專利。