FPGAs: Fundamentals, Advanced Features, and Applications in Industrial Electronics

Andina, Juan Jose Rodriguez, Arnanz, Eduardo de la Torre, Valdes, Maria Dolores


Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are currently recognized as the most suitable platform for the implementation of complex digital systems targeting an increasing number of industrial electronics applications. They cover a huge variety of application areas, such as: aerospace, food industry, art, industrial automation, automotive, biomedicine, process control, military, logistics, power electronics, chemistry, sensor networks, robotics, ultrasound, security, and artificial vision. This book first presents the basic architectures of the devices to familiarize the reader with the fundamentals of FPGAs before identifying and discussing new resources that extend the ability of the devices to solve problems in new application domains. Design methodologies are discussed and application examples are included for some of these domains, e.g., mechatronics, robotics, and power systems.




Juan Jose Rodriguez Andina, Eduardo de la Torre, Maria Dolores Valdes


Juan Jose Rodriguez Andina, Eduardo de la Torre, Maria Dolores Valdes