EMC for Product Designers, 5/e (Paperback)

Tim Williams



EMC for Product Designers, Fifth Edition, provides all the key information needed to meet the requirements of the EMC compliance standards. More importantly, it shows how to incorporate EMC principles into the product design process, avoiding cost and performance penalties to meet the needs of specific standards that produce a better overall product. As well as covering the 2016 versions of the EU EMC and Radio Directives, this new edition has been thoroughly updated to be in line with the latest best practices in EMC compliance and product design. Coverage now includes extra detail on the main automotive, military, and aerospace standards requirements, as well as a discussion of the issues raised by COTS equipment in military applications.

New to this edition are chapters on functional safety, design and installation aspects of switchmode power converters with an introduction to EMC testing of integrated circuits, new details on CISPR 32/35, updates to new versions of the Directives DEF STAN 59-411, DO-160 and MIL STD 461, with more commentary on the implications and requirements of military and aerospace standards, and an added reference to CE Marking for military and problems of COTS.

In addition, new sections on IC emissions measurements per IEC 61967 are included, along with new coverage of FFT/time domain receivers, an expanded section on military/aerospace transients, special references to DO160 lightning, added material on MIL STD 461 CE101, RE101, and RS101, the latest practice in PCB layout with a discussion of slots in ground planes, current practice on decoupling, extended coverage of DC-DC converters and motor drives, and a new section on switching inverter (motor drives, renewable energy converters, etc.) installation, and the latest 2016 mandatory regulations of the RTTE and EMC Directives.

  • Presents a complete introduction to EMC for product design from a practicing consultant in the field
  • Includes short case studies that demonstrate how EMC product design is put into practice
  • Provides the latest 2016 mandatory regulations of both the RTTE Directive and EMC Directive



本版新增了關於功能安全、開關模式電源轉換器的設計和安裝方面的章節,並介紹了集成電路的EMC測試,對CISPR 32/35進行了新的詳細介紹,更新了DEF STAN 59-411、DO-160和MIL STD 461的新版本,並對軍事和航空航天標準的影響和要求進行了更多評論,還增加了有關軍事CE標記和COTS問題的參考。

此外,還新增了關於IEC 61967的IC輻射測量部分,以及FFT/時域接收器的新內容,對軍事/航空航天瞬變現象進行了擴展,特別提到了DO160的閃電問題,增加了有關MIL STD 461 CE101、RE101和RS101的材料,介紹了PCB佈局的最新實踐,並討論了地面層中的槽的問題,目前的解耦實踐,擴展了DC-DC轉換器和馬達驅動器的內容,以及有關開關逆變器(馬達驅動器、可再生能源轉換器等)安裝的新章節,以及2016年RTTE和EMC指令的強制性法規。

  • 由業內實踐顧問提供了完整的EMC產品設計介紹

  • 包含短篇案例研究,展示了EMC產品設計的實際應用

  • 提供了2016年RTTE指令和EMC指令的最新強制性法規