Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology, 4/e

Russell K. Hobbie, Bradley J. Roth

  • 出版商: Springer
  • 出版日期: 2007-03-12
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 616
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 038730942X
  • ISBN-13: 9780387309422
  • 相關分類: 物理學 Physics
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Intended for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in biophysics, physiology, medical physics, cell biology, and biomedical engineering, this wide-ranging text bridges the gap between introductory physics and its application to the life and biomedical sciences. This extensively revised and updated fourth edition reflects new developments at the burgeoning interface between physics and biomedicine. Among the many topics treated are: forces in the skeletal system; fluid flow, with examples from the circulatory system; the logistic equation; scaling; transport of neutral particles by diffusion and by solvent drag; membranes and osmosis; equipartition of energy in statistical mechanics; the chemical potential and free energy; biological magnetic fields; membranes and gated channels in membranes; linear and nonlinear feedback systems; nonlinear phenomena, including biological clocks and chaotic behavior; signal analysis, noise and stochastic resonance detection of weak signals; image formation and description; image reconstruction; hearing and medical ultrasound; atoms and light; near infrared scattering; optical coherence tomography; infrared radiation; ultraviolet light; radiometry and photometry; the interaction of photons and charged particles in tissue; radiological physics and the use of x-rays in diagnosis and therapy; nuclear medicine; and magnetic resonance imaging. Discussion of theory is more closely linked to experiment, and stochastic processes are presented as an integral part of biological systems. A prior course in physics and in calculus is assumed.

Over 800 problems (a 44% increase from the third edition) are included to test the student's understanding and to provide additional biological examples. A solutions manual is available to instructors. Each chapter has an extensive list of references as well as useful bibliographies for further reading. Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology is also ideal for self study and as a reference for workers in medical and biological research.


  • Provides an excellent background in physics for physicians, biomedical engineers, and biologists
  • Includes a new chapter on sound and ultrasound and presents stochastic processes as an integral part of biological systems
  • Emphasizes applications of physics to biomedicine rather than molecular biophysics
  • Contains numerous problems and exercises for course use and as a reference for self study


《Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology》是一本針對生物物理學、生理學、醫學物理學、細胞生物學和生物醫學工程的高年級本科生和初級研究生的教材。這本廣泛涵蓋的教材填補了介紹物理學和其在生命和生物醫學科學中的應用之間的差距。這本經過大幅修訂和更新的第四版反映了物理學和生物醫學之間新發展的蓬勃發展。其中涉及的許多主題包括:骨骼系統中的力量;流體流動,包括循環系統的例子;邏輯方程;縮放;中性粒子通過擴散和溶劑拖曳的傳輸;膜和滲透;統計力學中的能量均分;化學勢和自由能;生物磁場;膜和膜中的門控通道;線性和非線性反饋系統;非線性現象,包括生物鐘和混沌行為;信號分析,噪聲和隨機共振檢測微弱信號;圖像形成和描述;圖像重建;聽覺和醫學超聲波;原子和光;近紅外散射;光學相干斷層掃描;紅外輻射;紫外光;輻射計量學和光度學;光子和帶電粒子在組織中的相互作用;放射物理學和X射線在診斷和治療中的應用;核醫學;以及磁共振成像。理論討論更緊密地與實驗相結合,並將隨機過程作為生物系統的一部分呈現。假設學生已修過物理學和微積分課程。書中包含800多個問題(比第三版增加了44%),用於測試學生的理解並提供額外的生物學例子。教師可以獲得解答手冊。每章都有廣泛的參考文獻列表,以及進一步閱讀的有用書目。《Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology》也非常適合自學,並作為醫學和生物研究人員的參考書。主要特點包括:為醫生、生物醫學工程師和生物學家提供了出色的物理背景;新增了一章關於聲音和超聲波,並將隨機過程作為生物系統的一部分呈現;強調物理學在生物醫學中的應用,而不是分子生物物理學;包含大量的問題和練習,供課堂使用和自學參考。