UMTS Signaling: UMTS Interfaces, Protocols, Message Flows and Procedures Analyzed and Explained (Hardcover)

Ralf Kreher, Torsten Ruedebusch

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  • 出版日期: 2005-04-01
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UMTS Signaling focuses on providing an overview and reference to UMTS UTRAN and Core networks. Details of the standards, the network architecture, objectives and functions of the different interfaces and protocols are described and the latest updates for Rel. 4, Rel. 5 and Rel. 6 features are included. Additionally it comprehensively describes various procedures from Node B Setup to different Handover types in the UTRAN and the Core Network. The focus on wireline interfaces is unique in the market. All signaling sequences are based upon UMTS traces from various UMTS networks (trial and commercial networks) around the world.

With this book you have access to the first universal UMTS protocol sequence reference, which allows you to quickly differentiate valid from invalid call control procedures. In addition all the main signaling stages are explained, many of which had been left unclear in the standards and valuable tips for protocol monitoring are provided.

UMTS Signalling gives you:

  • An in-depth description of the tasks and functions of
    • UMTS interfaces
    • UMTS protocols
  • Potential to analyze specific protocol messages
  • Support to reduce time and effort to detect and analyze problems
  • Explanations of how to locate problems in the network
  • Tips and tricks for practical interface monitoring

A valuable resource for Network operators and equipment manufacturers: engineers, technicians, network planners, developers, researchers, designers, testing personnel and project managers.



Table of Contents:



About the Authors.

1. UMTS Basics.


Network Architecture.

UMTS Interfaces.

UMTS Domain Architecture.


UMTS Security.

Radio Interface Basics.

UMTS Network Protocol Architecture.


User Plane Framing Protocol.

Medium Access Protocol (MAC).

Radio Link Control (RLC).

Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol (SSCOP).

Service Specific Coordination Function (SSCF).

Message Transfer Part Level 3 - Broadband (MTP3-B).

Internet Protocol (IP).

Signalling Transport Converter (STC).

Signalling Connection Control Part (SCCP).

Abstract Syntax Notation One in UMTS (ASN.1).

Radio Resource Control (RRC).

Node B Application Part NBAP.

Radio Network Subsystem Application Part (RNSAP).

Radio Access Network Application Part (RANAP).

ATM Adaptation Layer Type 2 - Layer 3 (AAL2L3/ALCAP).

Iu User Plane Protocol.

Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec - AMR.

Terminal Adaption Function (TAF).

Radio Link Protocol - RLP.

Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP).

Broadcast/Multicast Control (BMC).

Circuit Switched Mobility Management (MM).

Circuit Switched Call Control (CC).

Example - Mobile Originated Call (Circuit Switched).

Packet Switched Mobility Management (GMM).

Packet Switched Session Management (SM).

Example - Activate PDP Context (Packet Switched).

GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP).

2. Short Introduction to Network Monitoring, Trouble Shooting and Network Optimization.

Iub Monitoring.

Iu Monitoring.

3. UMTS UTRAN Signalling Procedures.

Iub - Node B Setup.

Iub - IMSI/GPRS Attach Procedure.

Iub CS  - Mobile Originated Call.

Iub CS - Mobile Terminated Call.

Iub PS - PDP Context Activation/Deactivation.

Iub - IMSI/GPRS Detach Procedure.

RRC Measurement Procedures.

Iub - Physical Channel Reconfiguration (PDCP).

Channel Type Switching.

Iub - Mobile Originated Call with Soft Handover (Inter Node B, Intra RNC).

Iub - Softer Handover.

Iub-Iu - Location Update.

Iub-Iu - Mobile Originated Call.

Iub-Iu - Mobile Terminated Call.

Iub-Iu - Attach.

Iub-Iu - PDP Context Activation/Deactivation.

Iub-Iu - Detach.

Iub-Iur - Soft Handover (Inter Node B, Inter RNC).

Iub-Iu - Forward Handover (Inter Node B, Inter RNC).

SRNS Relocation (UE not involved).

SRNS Relocation (UE involved).

Short Message Service (SMS) in UMTS Networks.

4. Signalling Procedures in the 3G Core Network.

ISUP/BICC  Call Setup.

Gn Interface Signalling.

Procedures on Gs Interface.

Signalling on  Interfaces towards HLR.

Inter-3G MSC Handover Procedure.

Inter-3G-2G-3G MSC Handover Procedure.

Customized Application for Mobile Network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL).