Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development for Symbian OS: An Introduction to OPL Application Design and Programming (Paperback)

Ewan Spence

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  • 出版日期: 2005-05-09
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN-13: 9780470014851
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A guide to programming Symbian OS smartphones using OPL (The Open Programming Language): a simple to learn, open-source scripting language, ideal for fast-track development of enterprise applications.

This book provides a hands-on development environment for both the experienced and aspiring programmer, demonstrating the ease of use of Symbian OS technologies through the utilization of OPL.

With rapid development, easy language, and custom applications written by the people who need them, OPL has a shallow learning curve. This allows bespoke corporate tools to be developed in house by Technical Staff who aren’t necessarily trained programmers. Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development For Symbian OS provides a clear guide on both how to program, and understanding the structure of the language through a keyword dictionary. Any bespoke OPL application can grow with a company, eventually providing access to more advanced C++ code through OPX extensions.

From the home programmer who wants to do more with their phone, to the enterprise developer, Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development For Symbian OS is the ideal starting point for simple, innovative application design using OPL.

Symbian OS is the advanced, customizable operating system licensed by the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers. It is designed for the specific requirements of advanced 2G, 2.5G and 3G mobile phones and includes a robust multitasking kernel, integrated telephony support, communications protocols, data management, advanced graphics support, a low-level graphical user interface framework and a variety of application engines.

Source code is available from www.symbian.co./books

Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development For Symbian OS is part of the Symbian Press series. Written by Symbian OS software engineers, titles in the series are replete with expert knowledge that will allow the reader to develop better software, faster.



Table of Contents:


About This Book.

Author Biography.

Author Acknowledgments.

Symbian Press Acknowledgments.

Chapter 1: Programming Principles.

Chapter 2: Introducing the Tools of OPL.

Chapter 3: The Event Core.

Chapter 4: A Conversion Program.

Chapter 5: Using Graphics in an Othello Game.

Chapter 6: Database and a Notepad Program.

Chapter 7: Publishing Your OPL Application.

Chapter 8: Creating Applications and Installers.

Chapter 9: Where Now With OPL?

Appendix 1 Command Listing.

Appendix 2 Const.oph Listing.

Appendix 3 Developer Resources.

Appendix 4 Specifications of Symbian OS Phones.


這本書是一個使用OPL(開放式編程語言)來編程Symbian OS智能手機的指南:OPL是一種簡單易學、開源的腳本語言,非常適合快速開發企業應用程序。

這本書為有經驗和有志成為程序員的人提供了一個實踐開發環境,通過使用OPL展示了Symbian OS技術的易用性。

OPL具有快速開發、易學的特點,並且可以由不一定是訓練有素的程序員的技術人員在內部開發定制的企業工具。《Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development For Symbian OS》通過關鍵詞詞典提供了如何編程和理解語言結構的清晰指南。任何定制的OPL應用程序都可以隨著公司的發展而成長,最終通過OPX擴展提供對更高級的C++代碼的訪問。

從想要在手機上做更多事情的家庭程序員到企業開發人員,《Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development For Symbian OS》是使用OPL進行簡單創新應用程序設計的理想起點。

Symbian OS是由世界領先的手機製造商授權的先進可定制的操作系統。它專為先進的2G、2.5G和3G手機的特定要求而設計,包括強大的多任務核心、集成的電話支持、通信協議、數據管理、高級圖形支持、低級圖形用戶界面框架和各種應用程序引擎。


《Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development For Symbian OS》是Symbian Press系列的一部分。該系列的書籍由Symbian OS軟件工程師撰寫,充滿了專家知識,讓讀者能夠更好地開發軟件,更快地開發軟件。

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