About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design, 3/e (Paperback)

Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann, David Cronin






When the first edition of About Face was published in 1995, the idea of designing products based on human goals was a revolutionary concept. Thanks to the work of Alan Cooper and other pioneers, interaction design is now widely recognized as a unique and vital discipline, but our work is far from finished.

This completely updated volume presents the effective and practical tools you need to design great desktop applications, Web 2.0 sites, and mobile devices. This book will teach you the principles of good product behavior and introduce you to Cooper's Goal-Directed Design method, from conducting user research to defining your product using personas and scenarios. In short, About Face 3 will show you how to design the best possible digital products and services.

Table of Contents
1. Goal-Directed Design.

2. Implementation Models and Mental Models.

3. Beginners, Experts, and Intermediates.

4. Understanding Users: Qualitative Research.

5. Modeling Users: Personas and Goals.

6. The Foundations of Design: Scenarios and Requirements.

7. From Requirements to Design: the Interaction Framework and Design Refinement.

8. Patterns and Principles.

9. Platform and Posture.

10. Orchestration and Flow.

11. Eliminating Excise.

12. Making Software Considerate and Smart.

13. Metaphors and Idioms.

14. Visual Interface Design.

15. Searching and Finding: Improving Data Retrieval.

16. Understanding Undo.

17. Rethinking Files and Save.

18. Improving Data Entry.

19. Selection, Direct Manipulation and Mouse Interactions.

20. Window Behaviors.

21. Controls.

22. Menus.

23. Toolbars and ToolTips.

24. Dialogs.

25. Errors, Alerts, and Confirmation.

26. Designing for Different Needs.


Appendix A. Design Principles.

Appendix B. Bibliography.