Machinima For Dummies (Paperback)

Hugh Hancock, Johnnie Ingram




This book shows how the reader can, at little or no expense, make virtually any movie using Machinima. We take the reader from making their first Machinima movie to a grounding in both conventional filmmaking and Machinima technology that will let them tackle very complex film projects.

The book will focus on the following Machinima platforms:

The Sims 2: Arguably the most popular Machinima platform of all time, The Sims 2 allows you to tell stories ranging from romance to noir action.

World Of Warcraft: Tell your own tales of heroism in the world of Azeroth, following in the footsteps of award-winning Machinima creators and even the makers of South Park.

Medieval 2: Total War - This astonishing new game allows you to create Lord of the Rings-scale medieval battle films using just a home computer!

MovieStorm: For the first time, unleash the power of Machinima as a professional user using a fully-featured, fully-licensed commercial Machinima platform.

The book will contain introductions to all aspects of Machinima production, from live filming in a game through the creation of sets, props and characters, as well as the basics of cinematography, storytelling and sound design.

From the Back Cover
Create high-quality animations at little to no cost!

The fun and easy way® to film in a virtual world and get your movie noticed

Want to master Machinima? This friendly, hands-on guide is packed with savvy techniques for movie-making in Machinima's most popular creation engines — from The Sims 2 to World of Warcraft® to Moviestorm. You get tips on scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, set design, sound recording, distribution — everything you need to become a successful Machinima filmmaker!

  • Create your first movie
  • Build 3D objects

  • Navigate legal issues

  • Publicize your film

  • Develop your own tools and content

  • Become a Machinima pro



The Sims 2:可以說是有史以來最受歡迎的Machinima平台,The Sims 2允許您講述從浪漫到黑色動作的故事。
World Of Warcraft:在艾澤拉斯世界中講述自己的英勇故事,追隨屢獲殊榮的Machinima創作者和《南方公園》的製片人的腳步。
Medieval 2: Total War - 這款令人驚嘆的新遊戲讓您只需使用家用電腦就能創作出《魔戒》規模的中世紀戰爭電影!


想要精通Machinima嗎?這本友善且實用的指南充滿了在Machinima最受歡迎的創作引擎中製作電影的聰明技巧-從The Sims 2到World of Warcraft到Moviestorm。您將獲得有關編劇、導演、攝影、剪輯、場景設計、音效錄製、發行等方面的技巧-這些都是成為成功的Machinima電影製片人所需的一切!

- 創作您的第一部電影
- 建立3D物體
- 解決法律問題
- 宣傳您的電影
- 開發自己的工具和內容
- 成為Machinima專家