Professional Android Application Development (Paperback)

Reto Meier

  • 出版商: Wrox Press
  • 出版日期: 2008-11-24
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 432
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0470344717
  • ISBN-13: 9780470344712
  • 相關分類: Android
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A hands-on guide to building mobile applications, Professional Android Application Development features concise and compelling examples that show you how to quickly construct real-world mobile applications for Android phones. Fully up-to-date for version 1.0 of the Android software development kit, it covers all the essential features, and explores the advanced capabilities of Android (including GPS, accelerometers, and background Services) to help you construct increasingly complex, useful, and innovative mobile applications for Android phones.

What this book includes

  • An introduction to mobile development, Android, and how to get started.
  • An in-depth look at Android applications and their life cycle, the application manifest, Intents, and using external resources.
  • Details for creating complex and compelling user interfaces by using, extending, and creating your own layouts and Views and using Menus.
  • A detailed look at data storage, retrieval, and sharing using preferences, files, databases, and Content Providers.
  • Instructions for making the most of mobile portability by creating rich map-based applications as well as using location-based services and the geocoder.
  • A look at the power of background Services, using threads, and a detailed look at Notifications.
  • Coverage of Android's communication abilities including SMS, the telephony APIs, network management, and a guide to using Internet resources
  • Details for using Android hardware, including media recording and playback, using the camera, accelerometers, and compass sensors.
  • Advanced development topics including security, IPC, advanced 2D / 3D graphics techniques, and user–hardware interaction.

Who this book is for
This book is for anyone interested in creating applications for the Android mobile phone platform. It includes information that will be valuable whether you're an experienced mobile developer or making your first foray, via Android, into writing mobile applications. It will give the grounding and knowledge you need to write applications using the current SDK, along with the flexibility to quickly adapt to future enhancements.



- 移動開發、Android和入門指南
- 深入研究Android應用程式及其生命週期、應用程式清單、意圖和使用外部資源
- 使用、擴展和創建自己的佈局和視圖以及使用選單,創建複雜而引人入勝的用戶界面的詳細說明
- 使用偏好設定、文件、資料庫和內容提供者進行數據存儲、檢索和共享的詳細說明
- 使用地圖和位置服務以及地理編碼器,充分利用移動可攜性的指南
- 背景服務的強大功能、使用執行緒以及通知的詳細說明
- Android的通訊能力,包括簡訊、電信API、網絡管理以及使用網際網路資源的指南
- 使用Android硬體的詳細說明,包括媒體錄製和播放、使用相機、加速度計和指南針感應器
- 高級開發主題,包括安全性、IPC、高級2D/3D圖形技術和用戶-硬體交互