Elementary Linear Algebra with Supplemental Applications, 10/e (Paperback)

Howard Anton, Chris Rorres



Pedagogy is key in this 10th edition of Elementary Linear Algebra with Supplemental Applications. Suitable for a first course for undergraduate students, this text presents the fundamentals of linear algebra with a precise and comprehensible approach.

  • Calculus exercises are included throughout the text for students who have studied Calculus prior to taking this course.
  • Exercises that allow for use of MATLAB, Maple, or Mathematica are included for students who prefer to use these programs.
  • All problems in Chapter 10 include relevant applications of linear algebra.

    New elements presented in this edition:
  • More applications are included throughout the text.
  • A Concept Review is included at the end of each section for exam preparation.
  • Skills and True/False Exercises are listed in each chapter so students can assess their progress.
  • There is now more compact coverage of Euclidean vector spaces.
  • To highlight digital computing, Chapter 9 now focuses on numerical approaches.

    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1. Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices
    Chapter 2. Determinants
    Chapter 3. Euclidean Vector Spaces
    Chapter 4. General Vector Spaces
    Chapter 5. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
    Chapter 6. Inner Product Spaces
    Chapter 7. Diagonalization and Quadratic Forms
    Chapter 8. Linear Transformations
    Chapter 9. Numerical Methods
    Chapter 10. Applications of Linear Algebra
  • 商品描述(中文翻譯)


    - 整本書中都包含微積分練習題,供在修讀本課程之前已學習過微積分的學生使用。
    - 包含可供偏好使用MATLAB、Maple或Mathematica等程式的學生使用的練習題。
    - 第10章的所有問題都包含線性代數的相關應用。

    - 整本書中增加了更多的應用範例。
    - 每個章節結束時都包含一個概念回顧,以便準備考試。
    - 每個章節都列出了技能和判斷正確/錯誤的練習題,以便學生評估自己的進展。
    - 歐幾里得向量空間的內容現在更加簡潔。
    - 第9章現在更加強調數值方法。

    第1章. 線性方程組和矩陣
    第2章. 行列式
    第3章. 歐幾里得向量空間
    第4章. 一般向量空間
    第5章. 特徵值和特徵向量
    第6章. 內積空間
    第7章. 對角化和二次型
    第8章. 線性變換
    第9章. 數值方法
    第10章. 線性代數的應用