Software Defined Radio: Enabling Technologies

Walter Tuttlebee

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  • 出版日期: 2002-06-24
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Software defined radio (SDR) is one of the most important topics of research, and indeed development, in the area of mobile and personal communication. SDR is viewed as an enabler of global roaming and as a unique platform for the rapid introduction of new services into existing live networks. It therefore promises mobile communication networks a major increase in flexibility and capability. SDR brings together two key technologies of the last decade - digital radio and downloadable software. It encompasses not only reconfiguration of the air interface parameters of handset and basestation products but also the whole mobile network, to facilitate the dynamic introduction of new functionality and mass-customised applications to the user's terminal,post-purchase.

In particular it explores

  • the unique demands of SDR upon the RF subsystem and their implications for front end design methodologies

  • the recent concepts of the 'digital front end' and 'parametrization'

  • the role and key influence of data conversion technologies and devices within software radio, essential to robust product design

  • the evolution of signal processing technologies, describing new architectural approaches

  • management of terminal reconfiguration and its network implications

  • the concepts of the waveform description language

  • potential breakthrough technologies, such as superconducting RSFQ technology and the possible future role of MEMS in RF circuitry

  • competing approaches, eg all-software radios implemented on commodity computing vs advanced processing architectures that dynamically optimise their configuration to match the algorithm requirements at a point in time
Suitable for today's engineers, technical staff and researchers within the wireless industry, the book will also appeal to marketing and commercial managers who need to understand the basics and potential of the technology for future product development. Its balance of industrial and academic contributors also makes it suitable as a text for graduate and postgraduate courses aiming to prepare the next generation of wireless engineers.

Contributed by internationally respected industry practitioners and researchers this book provides a holistic treatement of SDR addressing the full breadth of relevant technologies - radio frequqncy design, data conversion, reconfigurable signal processing hardware, and software issues at all levelsof the protocol stack and network. As such it provides a solid grounding for a new generation of wireless engineers for whom radio design in the future will assume dynamic flexibility as a given

Table of Contents

Part I: Software Based Radio (Blust)

Part II: Front End Technology

Radio Frequency Translation for Software Defined Radio (Beach, Warr & McLeod)

Radio Freqency Front End Implementations for Multimode SDRs (Cummings)

Data Conversion in Software Defined Radios (Brannon et al)

Superconductor Microelectronics: A Digital RF Technology for Software Radios (Brock)

The Digital Front End: Bridge Between RF and Baseband Processing (Fettweis and Hentschel)

Part III: Baseband Technology

Baseband Processing for SDR (Lund)

Parametrization - a Technique for SDR Implementation (Jondral)

Adaptive Computing IC Technology for 3G Software-Defined Mobile Devices (Master and Plunkett)

Part IV: Software Technology

Software Engineering for Software Radios: Experiences at MIT and Vanu, Inc (Chaplin)

Software Download for Mobile Terminals (Bucknell and Pitchers)

Protocols and Network Aspects of SDR Moessner)

The Waveform Description Language (Willink)



軟體定義無線電(SDR)是移動和個人通訊領域中最重要的研究和開發主題之一。SDR被視為實現全球漫遊和快速引入新服務到現有實時網絡的獨特平台。因此,它承諾為移動通信網絡帶來了極大的靈活性和能力提升。SDR結合了過去十年兩個關鍵技術 - 數字無線電和可下載軟體。它不僅包括對手機和基站產品的無線接口參數進行重新配置,還包括整個移動網絡,以實現對用戶終端的動態引入新功能和大規模定制應用,而無需事前購買。

- SDR對射頻子系統的獨特需求及其對前端設計方法的影響
- 最近的“數字前端”和“參數化”概念
- 在軟體無線電中,數據轉換技術和設備的角色和關鍵影響,對於穩健的產品設計至關重要
- 信號處理技術的演進,描述新的架構方法
- 端末重新配置及其對網絡的影響管理
- 波形描述語言的概念
- 潛在的突破性技術,例如超導RSFQ技術和MEMS在射頻電路中的可能未來角色
- 競爭方法,例如在通用計算機上實現的全軟體無線電與動態優化其配置以滿足特定算法要求的先進處理架構