Professional NoSQL (Paperback)

Shashank Tiwari

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  • 出版日期: 2011-09-13
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 047094224X
  • ISBN-13: 9780470942246
  • 相關分類: NoSQLSQL
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A hands-on guide to leveraging NoSQL databases

NoSQL databases are an efficient and powerful tool for storing and manipulating vast quantities of data. Most NoSQL databases scale well as data grows. In addition, they are often malleable and flexible enough to accommodate semi-structured and sparse data sets. This comprehensive hands-on guide presents fundamental concepts and practical solutions for getting you ready to use NoSQL databases. Expert author Shashank Tiwari begins with a helpful introduction on the subject of NoSQL, explains its characteristics and typical uses, and looks at where it fits in the application stack. Unique insights help you choose which NoSQL solutions are best for solving your specific data storage needs.
Professional NoSQL:

  • Demystifies the concepts that relate to NoSQL databases, including column-family oriented stores, key/value databases, and document databases.
  • Delves into installing and configuring a number of NoSQL products and the Hadoop family of products.
  • Explains ways of storing, accessing, and querying data in NoSQL databases through examples that use MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB, Google App Engine Datastore and more.
  • Looks at architecture and internals.
  • Provides guidelines for optimal usage, performance tuning, and scalable configurations.
  • Presents a number of tools and utilities relating to NoSQL, distributed platforms, and scalable processing, including Hive, Pig, RRDtool, Nagios, and more.



NoSQL資料庫是儲存和操作大量資料的高效且強大工具。大部分NoSQL資料庫在資料增長時能夠良好擴展。此外,它們通常具有足夠的彈性和靈活性,以應對半結構化和稀疏資料集。這本全面的實用指南介紹了基本概念和實際解決方案,幫助您準備使用NoSQL資料庫。專家作者Shashank Tiwari從NoSQL的有關主題出發,提供了有用的介紹,解釋了其特性和典型用途,並探討了它在應用程式堆疊中的位置。獨特的見解幫助您選擇最適合解決您特定資料儲存需求的NoSQL解決方案。

- 解密與NoSQL資料庫相關的概念,包括基於列族的儲存、鍵值資料庫和文件資料庫。
- 深入介紹安裝和配置多個NoSQL產品和Hadoop系列產品。
- 通過使用MongoDB、HBase、Cassandra、Redis、CouchDB、Google App Engine Datastore等範例,解釋在NoSQL資料庫中儲存、存取和查詢資料的方法。
- 探討架構和內部運作。
- 提供最佳使用、效能調優和可擴展配置的指南。
- 提供與NoSQL、分散式平台和可擴展處理相關的多個工具和實用程式,包括Hive、Pig、RRDtool、Nagios等。