Wireless Local Area Networks: The New Wireless Revolution

Benny Bing, Leonard Kleinrock

  • 出版商: Wiley
  • 出版日期: 2002-07-11
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 216
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  • ISBN: 047122474X
  • ISBN-13: 9780471224747
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A key introduction to wireless LANs by authorities from the industry’s leading corporations

"The material in this book is timely indeed, and represents the latest word on wireless LAN technology. This book presents the case for why the technology has emerged, how it works, what are the issues, and where it is going. It presents the thinking of a collection of experts in each of many individual areas, and so comes across as a detailed presentation covering all aspects of wireless LANs from the underlying technology all the way to the business case for deployment."
–Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, Professor of Computer Science, UCLA, and Chairman, Nomadix Inc.

Wireless local area networks are becoming ubiquitous and increasingly relied upon. From airport lounges and hotel meeting rooms to cafes and restaurants across the globe, wireless LANs are helping mobile professionals stay connected wherever they roam. Sales of IEEE 802.11b wireless LANs now rival those of wired Ethernet networks and may soon outpace them. This book provides a clear, comprehensive introduction to the wireless local area technology from a unique perspective: that of the companies and personnel who are the major players in the field.

Wireless Local Area Networks: The New Wireless Revolution covers virtually every aspect of wireless LAN history and design, including standards, network security, public access, wireless applications, and future technology. Among the 16 contributions you will find:

  • Texas Instruments on the evolution of 2.4 wireless standards
  • Atheros Communications on the 5 GHz IEEE 802.11a wireless LAN
  • 3Com Corporation on 5 GHz radio spectrum regulations
  • Agere Systems on wireless network security
  • Alcatel on wireless LAN for mobile operators
  • Nokia Mobile Phones on wireless LAN access architecture
  • Ericsson Wireless Communications on Bluetooth basics

Explaining practical issues such as design, implementation, equipment purchase, security, and the implications of various standards, and featuring the expertise of the wireless industry’s foremost leaders, this is the ideal reference for anyone involved in the design or management of wireless LANs.

Table of Contents





Guide to Wireless LAN Analysis.

The Evolution of 2,4-GHz Wireless LANs (C. Heegard, et al.).

The 5-GHz IEEE 802.11a Wireless LAN (J. Chen).

Migration Strategies for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs 91.

5-GHz Radio Spectrum Regulations (T. Tan).

Quality of Service and Multimedia Support in 802.11 Standards (G. Parks).

Overview of Wireless LAN Security.

Wireless Network Security (D. Stanley).

Building Secure Wireless Local Area Networks.

Wireless LAN for Mobile Operators (P. Lane).

Wireless LAN Access Architecture for Mobile Operators (J. Ala-Laurila, et al.).

From Wirelss LANs to Wireless Network Solutions: Applying Lessons from Cellular Networking to Enterprise Wireless Networking (S.K. Singhal).

The Bluetooth Basics (M. Sheppard).

Coexistence of IEEE 802.11b WLAN and Bluetooth WPAN (S.J. Shellhammer).

An Introduction to Ultra Wide Band Wireless Technology (K. Siwak and L.L.Huckabee).


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